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Reading and Writing with Files

This tutorial is an introduction to working with text files in EZ-Builder. EZ-Builder gives you the ability to write information to text files and read information from text files. You can use this for logging data, giving your robot a memory, a way to read in data you might not want to manually enter in a script and anything else that your imagination might lead you to use text files for. [PDF]

Last Modified on 11/20/2017

Created by JustinRatliff

How To: Control Windows Media Player

How To: Control Windows Media Player The question has come up a couple of time in various forum threads about how to control the Media Player. We have learned many things about how to control the Media Player through these threads, so it's time we make a tutorial. One caveat is that when we talk about the Media Player, we are referring to the Desktop Media Player version, not the "funky" Windows 8 app Media Player. ** Please Note, these PowerShell scripts may not work in Windows 10 ** [PDF]

Last Modified on 8/31/2016

Created by JustinRatliff

Auto Backup of EZB Project

Using a batch file and a script in EZ-Builder you can create a scripted method to auto backup your EZB project file. [PDF]

Last Modified on 7/7/2016

Created by JustinRatliff

Use Camera As A Button

You can use a Camera in EZ-Builder as a button without any external code. I created a custom multicolor named "Dark" and set it a orange/red range and I set it to the maximum size for detection. This is what worked best for me as I discovered the orange/red color range was reflected off my hand as it moved toward the camera to block the view. I started out using the darkest shade of blue possible but... [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by JustinRatliff

How To Edit Sounds Files For Use In Ez-robot

Have you ever wanted to take a sound files and edit it so your robot can play it back? A nifty and free piece of software called Audacity makes it possible to do just that. You can edit sound files as well as entire songs. First you'll need to download Audacity from: I've been using this software a lot to create sound files for my RedBender robot. Because the robot is my take on Bender from Futurama... [PDF]

Last Modified on 7/10/2014

Created by JustinRatliff