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Armadeus Mk. 11

Here's the latest in my ARMadeus series of large scale robots. The robot is featured in a 10 page, 30 photo article in the November 2017 issue of SERVO Magazine. I'm including images here that were not published in the article. I'm obligated not to duplicate text or photos from the magazine article. And, I really don't want to start from scratch and write another 3000 word version. Rather than include a lot of technical details on the project in this initial post, I direct you to the article. I'll be more than happy to answer any specific questions posted by users on this forum. The 140 lb robot features a universal mobile base with interchangeable personality modules...

Ezbv4 Robot Lawn Mower

When I decided to design and build a remotely controlled lawn mower, there were two main requirements that had to be met before the project moved forward. It must be safe to operate while being environmentally friendly. Using 12 Volt DC motors would address the environmental issue by eliminating the need for a noisy, polluting, gas-powered engine. The primary safety concern removed metal blades, spinning at high speed, as a viable mowing option. Serving as an engineering mentor with a local FIRST team for the past two decades has influenced my personal robot building philosophy. Make it big, strong, and modular, using off-the-shelf components whenever possible. This project would adhere t...

Project Armadeus

For the last decade or more I've been working on a series of large robots with articulated arms. I just finished the latest version, ARMadeus Mk7. Considered mid-size compared to some of its descendents, it measures 48" tall and weighs 112 pounds. Some of the main components include: (3) 12V DC gear motors (4) Servos (6) 12V linear actuators (4) IFI Victor 12V speed controllers (2) Sabertooth 2x12 speed controllers (2) IFI Spike H-Bridge relay modules (1) Audio player (1) video camera w/ 2.4GHz transmitter There are two common features that I consider essential when designing large-scale robots, adjustability and modularity. All of the ARMadeus robots have been built using 80/20...