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I'm Eric Dirgahayu, although my education in films art director and cinematography, but I liked the thing about robotics. and i have making a many of lowcost Robot. :) find them at my channel

Mini Chappie Project

today i try to create mini Chappie with 3d Printed material, i start the project with head Part. this the first movement video with Ez-Board

Droid For Theater Robot Contest

this year we create a story of StarWars, and the robot build up with lowcost material Pvc water pipe to making a BB8 including the big Ball, an R2D2 to, but i thing i gona use Ez-Board to control them.

New Ez-robot Humanoid On Development

too long i not posted, and now i have idea to making a humanoid robot more freedom movement using 21 servo on the planing design. it just beginning, current progress i has to complete the upper body, and I have to wait a bit to work on parts of the feet because it requires 10 servo, but I ran out of the servo, hope to get it soon and finish the robot. :)

Smart Cute Trash Can

not finished, but it was my idea to make smart trash can, This is just an experiment, later I plan to make a trash can that transformed into robots, when detecting the garbage that is on the floor, the wheels will come out from the bottom. also hand out right and left trash can body.

My Real Size Wall.e Have A Job As Sales Promotion International Robotic Contest

finally my real size Wal.e out of the house and work using Ez-Board, although there is a little problem with the wheel mechanism and his legs he still doing a good job.

"dog" The Little Robodog Ez-b V.4

Hi all, Tinkering with servos and forming something. eventually formed a small dog robot which I named 'Dog'. This fact made previously unthinkable without design therefore I have not had time to make a program for him. so I think the example program of Six with some modifications may be used to move the dog, and it worked.. :)

I Create Baymax Doll Robot For Robot Theater Using Ez-b

I got a project to make the robot theater performances for children, and I decided to make the story Big Hero. hand made costum and doll, inside baymax doll is a robot mechanism to create the movement and for controller i will use Ez-B v4 for more interactive and can talk like on the movie but for walk still using machanum wheel.

My Lita Can Dance With Modified Jd Movement

with little modification on JD frame movement panel, now my lita can dance move like JD movement... ^,^

New Friend For Jd, Lita My Humanoid Robot Made From Water Pipe Pvc And Scraps

image gallery Hello All, I am getting ez develover time ago. in fact it will I use for real size wall e. I. but it seems I have to wait for the second gearbox on the wheel is broken and need to be replaced but the larger cost, while I was waiting, i have a idea to creating my own JD with Ez developer, but I dont have 3d printer so I made from pvc water pipes and scraps. the idea was developed so as to produce a humanoid robot JD system mechanism but in different look like (the new design humanoid robot). :)