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I am the founder and CEO of EZ-Robot. As you can tell, also super passionate about robotics and community. I spend as much time on the forum as possible to help others build robots. Most of my inspiration comes from people on the forum! I envision a future of EZ-Robots living among us... Aiding the elderly and disabled, or simply being a friend. Robots are our future :) The world is ready...

Robot Blinds Control

Lazy much? Blind control to major tom... I can now control the blind/shades on my deck from my phone! With a little bit of hot glue, a couple wood screws and some pieces of 2x4 ends I had lying around.

I Taught Jd To Serve Snacks

Did you know I'm a huge fan of M&Ms? Only the peanut butter kind! There's an event tomorrow (BotLuck), and my JD will be serving snacks. Download the app here:

Darth Vader Humanoid Robot

I made this Darth Jader for an upcoming The Robot Program episode. Wanted to share the robot exclusively with the ez-robot forum before the real episode goes live. So, here's a short video of me playing with Darth Jader... Enjoy! PS, this robot is using the old servos (not the new HDD servos)... yuck :D

Ips (indoor Positioning System)

For quite a few years, i've been mentioning that I have been working on a positioning system for ez-robots. I guess it's time that i share my tribulation with you, because the trails were far too many :). Should be ready to throw in the manufacturing facility for this summer's scheduled releases

Fisher Price "chatter"

This is the strangest robot that I've ever built... But i had to, can you blame me? :D

Super Six Hexapod

You may have seen this video of a real large ez-robot hexapod... That is a robot i built over the summer at my cabin with a 3d printer for the Intel IDF16 conference in San Francisco. It was meant to be powered by an Intel Joule, but I threw an [sku:40] in there instead :D For those interested in making their own, the servos were the costly part. The servos i used were very heavy duty: . Which are 38kg/cm at 7.4v! They're incredibly large as well, at 59.5cm x 29.0 cm x 55.2 cm. Here's the STL files to 3d print your own: - - - - - - - You can see the difference in size compared to the regular [sku:30]

Ez-b V4 Dalek

I built a Dalek EZ-Robot tonight. Well, i upgraded my EZ-B v3 hack to the v4 and added a few more servos. One to control the nose plunger thingy on their face up and down. And two other servos for the ray gun plunger and the actual plunger on the center torso. So many plungers! Here's the mobile app:

Jd's Friday The 13th

Beware of the robots on Friday the 13th! Thanks for the face mask Justin :D

Apple Watch Robot Control

Not sure how many of you have seen this, but we added Apple Watch support to the EZ-Builder iOS app! For the longest time, no one knew what an Apple Watch was good for :) outside of interrupting your productive with Facebook and twitter notifications about who had lunch. Needless to say, it's made the watch quite useful and fun - but it's still way too expensive!

Imperial AT-AT Walker Robot - The force is with me!

This year i made a decision to get back into building robots. So, I'll start with this! Kind of ironic, an Imperial AT-AT Walker that doesn't know how to walk... yet! Tomorrow I will add servos for the knees and teach him to walk. I'm allergic to dogs, so he'll have to do!

Introducing Jd

JD finally gets a little introduction video...

Jd Wants His Rubber Duck

Should I give it to him? lol

Mobile App Developer Tutorial

So, you've built your ez-robot and now you would like to make your own mobile app. Did you know EZ-Robot has a robot appstore? And that you can easily create your own robot apps to share with the world!

Detect Multiple Colors

One of the features that makes ez-robot so special is the camera that can detect faces, objects, glyphs, qr codes and multiple colors. For this tutorial, we will use the JD Humanoid. However, this process can easily be applied to any ez-robot configuration.

Myo Gesture Tutorial

The MYO is a creative controller for interacting with your ez-robot. It uses gestures and an accelerometer to trigger actions, events and move servos. This tutorial demonstrates how to add a Myo to your EZ-Robot. Here's a link to the manual page:

Ez-builder Overview

The ultimate robot software EZ-Builder is leading the way for the next generation of robotics. Here's a short video I put together to introduce some of the features.

Jd Connects To Nest Thermostat

I put this little tutorial and robot together to show how you can connect your JD to a Nest Thermostat. It's neat because you can be anywhere in the world and have your robot control the temperature of your home.

Elastic Band Shooter

In parallel with James' build, we were building a robot today. I came up with a slightly different elastic band shooter that uses a servo with a hexapod leg to raise and lower the body for vertical aiming - rather than a servo holding the turret. Get the app in the robot appstore

Hey Jd, Need A Lift?

JD was a little lazy today...

Taught Jd How To Somersault

Don't try this at home! :D

I Shall Call Him Norm

Norm is a very fitting name, no?

Coming Soon, Accelerometer/gyro/temperature Sensor

I'm excited to introduce the new items that we will be adding to the store in a week or two. This is a new ez-bit which is an all-in-one Accelerometer/Gyro/Temperature sensor. Here is the new format for ez-bit sensors - which are compact enough to fit in your revolution or custom robot. Here is the manual page for the device: Here's a video where I demonstrate the accelerometer with JD!

So, I Taught Jd How To Play The Piano

This is just the first version... I think it'll be a good idea to put a robot band together after the holidays :)

Six Hexapod Demo Dance

Playing with the Six Hexapod tonight... thought I would share this :)

Funny 3 Legged Robot

Some of the guys around the office were thinking of creative combinations today. I stumbled across their final "creation" this afternoon and wondered if I could make it walk. So, without further delay... Here is the strangest robot I've ever seen:

How About A Dance-off?

Hey community, how would you feel about an ezrobot dance-off contest? Here is the STL file for the microphone:

At Home With Jd

I took the evening off to chill at home with JD for my first time :). I tweaked many of the existing motions to be more fluid and not as clunky, it was a lot of fun! I didn't know this, but EZ-Robot is actually really cool! Now I understand what all the hype is about.

Revolution Snake

I dived into the box fresh injection molded parts from our manufacturer tonight and built this EZ-Robot Revolution Snake! It uses a SIN wave for each servo position.

Revolution. The History Of

I created this thread in the Project Showcase because, well, it was once a project... and now it is a company. I'd like to tell you a little story about the evolution of Revolution - because many of you have been watching the show! As many of you know, EZ-Robot started with a product named the Complete Kit. It included the EZ-B v3 Robot Controller, Wireless Camera and Servos. We shipped thousands of these kits to over a hundred countries - and of course we have created an amazing community from the product. A few years ago, we created a poll on Facebook asking what features people wanted from EZ-Robot for the next product. The poll options were lower price, modular platform, more t...

How Do I Shovel My Snow?

With a robot, of course! What did you expect? :) This is a robot shell that I built with some students in the summer for a robot challenge. The robot chassis is from an electric seat scooter. I attached part of a shovel to it and stayed warm inside, while the robot did all the outside work :)

Philo Junior Color Tracking Test

Hey there! I was playing around with the Philo Junior. This example uses the camera option "Track By Relative Position", in case anyone wanted another example. The also uses the same example, but this one is more fun :) I really like the idea of using the WiiMote as an extension of the user. I even had my grandfather using it with great ease. This lets me think there is more potential with simple and cost effective control mechanisms like the WiiMote!

Choose Your Ez-robot!

I created a little video to summarize the current supported EZ-Robot Platforms - of course, this list will grow. Supporting existing platforms is great, but nothing beats the rewarding satisfaction of building your own robot from scratch :). Either way, I want to ensure everyone has a chance to build their dream robot! The current supported EZ-Robot Platform list can be found here: Enjoy :D

Wii Remote Controlled Robot

Recently, I've added a great deal of support to the Wiimote Control in EZ-Builder. This includes EZ-Scriptable buttons and a few other goodies. I set Wall-e to be controlled by the Wiimote and assembled this tutorial video for you. :)

Multiple Robots With One Joystick

Demonstration how I controlled 6 robots with one joystick in my . In this video, I use an Omnibot, Omnibot 2000, Wall-e, Dalek, R2D2 and a flying AR Parrot Drone. All robots are fitted with an EZ-B Robot Controller and connected to the EZ-Builder Robot Control Software. The software will allow up to 5 EZ-B Controllers at one time. To control the movement from each robot, a movement script was used with respective scripts per movement direction (forward, left, right, reverse, stop). To synchronize the head servos, the Relative Servo control was used. Each robot head servo was related to 2 master servos (horizontal and vertical). The ratio for the relative servos was set to 1:1....

Trs-80 Model 100 Controlled Wall-e

Watch the video :) I think the title say it all! I hacked my 1983 Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 Portable "Computer" with a TTL Bluetooth Module to control my EZ-Robot Wall-e. Why? Because it's awesome- that's why! :) The source code for the serial relay server is in the EZ-SDK package. If you want to perform this hack yourself, you can see the pins that I connected the RX/TX bluetooth module to on the 6402. I put the terminal program in 9600 baud mode with COM:88N1D command on the TRS-80. With this hack, you can also load programs over bluetooth to the TRS-80 using the Basic programming language. The command LOAD will load what ever is transfered over the bluetooth connection into the...

Ez-robot Takes The Secret Challenge Competition

EZ-Robot is sponsoring a team of awesome children to build a robot to compete in the ! We selected the hardest challege - !! We selected a fantastic platform and had some amazing ideas during brainstorming sessions. April 15th a) Introduced the awesome robot platform. 2 powered wheels, heavy duty motors... It'll be a great powerful robot! b) Stripped off the unwanted parts. Practically took the entire robot apart and rebuilt. It's looking good! c) We took apart the electronic motor controller and attempted to use it. However, the pins must not be fully documented, so we may have accidently damaged it. Not to worry, I have a 50 amp motor controller that we can use instead....

Robot Head

I started on a little project for a humanoid-type platform. I have ideas for the body and such, but i'm starting with the head because i'm adding new features to EZ-Builder for it.

DJ's Omnibot 2000

I just finished a short video with clips of building my Omnibot 2000, you can watch it here. This robot contains all of the great new features of EZ-Builder - Wii Remote Control - Glyph Vision Recognition - Tablet PC Touch Controlled - And more... You may also view his personal robot page for a list of materials and more videos.

The Real Wall-E

It's been a very crazy past few weeks. I took a day off today. Yes! I admit it. I took a day off... And I built a robot :) Felt great to be back in the hacking saddle! This Wall-E hack from DJ Sures turned out great! DJ used the EZ-B Robot Kit to build an amazing real life Wall-E! He added the camera from the kit to Wall-E's head for visual tracking. He then added a horizontal neck servo and vertical head servo. Now this Wall-E can visually track motion, color and faces in two dimensions... Up, down, left and right! For extra character, DJ added Wall-E sounds to actions and some voice commands. He whistles when asked to follow your face. He sighs and moans when his favorite...

Omnibot TV Watching

The latest version of the EZ-SDK and EZ-Builder contains an enhanced motion tracking update. The quality and edge detection algorythm has been modified and seems to work great!! Check out this video of my omnibot watching a cartoon :)

Project: Scarab

I started a new project today... But I didn't get very far. I stopped right after I started because I decided to wait until next week to finish it. Solarbotics had asked me to do a uStream session in building a robot. So I figured this toy would be a great shell to use. Here are pictures of the shell from today. I haven't done anything yet, except cut a few wires. Next week we'll get the whole process in realtime action :) Stay tuned to account for the time and date. DJ

Tomy Omnibot

This was probably the funnest robot I have created yet. It is a wicked platform with a lot of room to grow. I've been adding sensors and programming to it ever since I got it. Project Page: Video #2 Video #1

Teddy Ruxpin Robot Version 1

I added a new robot today. It is a Teddy Ruxpin, if you remember him? He was a talking toy from the 1980's that used a tape player. His mouth and eyes were animated with a single motor. It wasn't a very intellegent toy... So that's where the EZ-B came to play :) .. So I emptied the guts and replaced the internals with servos and the eZ-B. I used the EZ-Builder software to control it. I wrote a bunch of scripts that animate the robot. See the whole build here: