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Rafiki Update

For those of you who are registered at, I have opened up a Rafiki build Status page. This shows photos of the build process of the prototype. The goal is to be able to start programming of the robot functions in about a week. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts. BTW, this is where I have been since the summer. A lot of working on this project and not so much time to talk in the community. I sure miss having time to hang out here.

Inmoov - D.cochran Style

I have decided to start my InMoov project. I think I will call him Spock out of respect to Leonard Nimoy who passed away on the day that I started this project. I am editing this post so as not to confuse people with the current configuration. I continue to update this post with the latest photos. If you are reading this for the first time, don't be confused. There have been a lot of changes to the InMoov over the past couple of years including starting over. Post 203 starts the rebuild of the InMoov. I have decided to use an onboard computer. I chose the Latte Panda due to it having an onboard ard...

D.cochran's Teddy

I am going to try to document this project because I think its pretty cool so far. It is also the beginning of a much larger project. For the hardware right now, I am using a Teddy Ruxpin bought on ebay EZB V4 V4 Camera 2 rotational HD servos for shoulders 1 Rotational servo for neck 1 micro servo for mouth amplified speaker (used for phones) Scary Terry Audio Servo Driver Board For software EZ-Builder MSSQL EZ-DBMulti rssGetter RoboRealm Project Description I wanted to design a robot for my grandchildren but also use this as a platform to test some things that I want to do with my InMoov project. The robot needs to be able to identify the user and then customize...

Video On Using A Database With Ez-builder Through Ez-dbmulti

Before I start, this video requires some knowledge of MSSQL server. To do what this video shows, you will need an MSSQL server installed on a machine on your network and will have to setup some tables and possibly some User Defined Stored Proceedures (USP's) in MSSQL Server. It also requires that you have EZ-DBMulti installed and working. With all of that out of the way, some people have asked me what you would use a database for with EZ-Builder in the past. This is a video of an example of why I use databases. All of this could be done in the script engine in EZ-Builder and could be done with text files instead of a database, but here is an example of what I am doing with the dat...

Patriot 1

Just adding some photos of the 3D printed head for the project for the school I am helping. It came from a Rapiro chopped up head (8 pieces) that were printed and then melted together using an Acetone and ABS mixture. These parts were then sanded down and painted. I am not very good at painting at all, so there will be much more time spent cleaning up the paint before I clear coat them a lot. Anyway, some asked to see what this looked like, so here ya go. This is meant to be a representation of their school logo that looks like this