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Xlr-one Mini Robot Platform

I figured this thread will get filled quick so I gave it it's own section. The XLR-ONE Mini is coming along really well. It will actually have some advancements which the XLR-ONE doesn't have at the moment. For one it will have a shoulder joint that moves both forwards and backwards as well as out to the side. This will give the robot more flexibility. Also The smaller size makes using it virtually anywhere easier than the XLR-ONE v2 due to it's 30" size as apposed to the Mini which is 19". Also the battery life will be longer and the arms and drive-train will be stronger since it uses the same servos with less weight. Another plus is that i plan on selling them fully...

The Server-1 Event Assistant Robot

I've had this one on hold for a while. Want to use 3d printed parts but the Makerbots largest single printed piece would be 11.2 x 6 x 6.1 inches. But now that im getting a printer with a 24 x12 x12 print space, the design looks printable. the robot itself stands 5ft tall. the drive system is a dc motor powered with 2 x double wheel system with a rear caster wheel for balance. a tablet will be fitted in the face for taking drink orders and to show a menu and facial gestures. Still working out the design just wanted to share. Different style from my XLR series which gives XLRobots some variety.

Xlrobots R2d2 25" Ez-robot Controlled Robot.freebie

Ok i finally put some time to get this freebie done so i can share with you guys for all your support. This R2D2 is 25" tall completely 3D printable with the stl's i will be uploading as soon as i get them all tested and bug free. The drive system is my servo drive system with 1 HD servo in each outer foot and a Free Flow wheel in the center foot. The arm joints will have the XLR-Swivel joints so he can stand straight and lean back as he does in the movies. The center leg will retract and descend from the under carriage as in the movies and the head will spin 270 degrees via my Swivel waist setup as seen on the XLR-ONE. more to follow.

Xlr-one Kickstarter Live

Hello all you EZ-Roboter's ,Anthony here with an important announcement! XLR-ONE is now LIVE on kickstarter! Spread the word! We want to thank the community for all the support and guidance you all have given me throughout our journey to get to this place and time. Im very excited to have the XLR-ONE be the first on many custom EZ-Robot powered Robots. Thanks again for all your support!

Xlr-one Finished Alive With Ez-robot Inside

Finally....XLR-ONE is done! Ready for his big debut on Kickstarter! Will be posting the Kickstarter video this weekend as well as new videos.

Xlr-rov-r1 Mobil Research Droid Or Mrd-1

REVISED PROJECT: The XLRobots ROV-R Science Droid. Finally have the time,space and materials to make this cool science droid. The pics below represent the first test print which will be done as soon as i finish the XLR-ONE Mini pre-orders( about a week). The droid will be based on the Mini scale. If all goes well then i will offer a larger scale. The droid requires 10 HD servos, 1x6v PowerSonic battery,EZB-V4 w/camera,28 led's,4x sonic sensors. Im looking at a kit cost of $199 without hardware. More details to follow and look for videos on the build and progress at

Xl9 Security Droid First Look

This XL9 Security Droid is a droid that i have been asked to design and build for a XL-Robots client. He owns a Comic Shop in NYC and has seen my LeXI project and wanted to see if i was able to fill his request. He sent me 4 sketches which I used as reference to design the droid below. It will stand from wheel to top of head at 4'10" tall. It will be powered by EZ-Robot. He has 2 EZ-B v3 which he wants the design to work with. Its primary tasks will be to roam the shop, stream video back to the dvr's ( 4 camera system- all 4 cams will be attached to the head which will rotate 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees up and down), look cool for customers but mainly freely roam and record to deter shop...

Kd Jd's Little Sister

Ok heres something the guys overlooked. Girls! Hey you have a girl playing with the robots on the main page of the website and in videos, but none of the Revolution bots are geared towards girls. So i got to thinking, why not make a female version of JD. Meet JD's lil'Sis KD! (like Katy) stl file: Just to get you guys rolling. We gotta be fair to the girl robot enthusiasts. I would finish her off with a pair of girly shoes. maybe 2 or 3 different styles.

Omnibot Anniversary Edition By

Ok, LeXI is all packed and since i wont be doing anything on her till i unpack in miami, i wanted to get the next project underway(at least introduce the bot). Since i have a love for the Omnibot series I decided to make a limited edition anniversary Omnibot 2000. Here are the first drafts of the design. dual lcd screens. front lcd in the command center like the original and on the back a detachable android devive running a custom overlay for the ezb app. more to follow.

Al-7 Drone Air/land Surveillance Drone

Ok im working on the design and parts for the air/land drone( aka AL-7 Drone). The premise will be a Quadcopter/Quadraped. Below is a 360 degree view of the concept. light weight, tailored for the v4 and keeping the style of the XL series bots. I may be changing the design concept to use 4 omni wheels versus the 4 legs. still pondering the thought. will ost as always the final concept and test renders. Zero-rov-r!

Ok now working of the Zero-ROV-R. Here are the Starting renders.

Xlrobots An-dru Humanoid Biped.

Heres our Biped Bot for the XL Series named after my youngest son Andrew. This bot is roughly 28" tall. Whats cool is that i made the body fully closed to hide the wiring and the v4/battery. More to come soon. Xlr-6 18 X Servo Hexapod!

Ok heres a new entry from the XL' series of Robot bodies and shells for ezb v4. First up...The XLR-6. This beast will have 6 legs which will be controlled by 3 hd servos each. Thats 18 servos just for the legs! there are 2 more micro servos which will control the pan-tilt control of the camera. The front and rear of the body will have a super LED bright white lighting system. Function LED's will be mounted on the top hull and will be controlled by the v4. The power will be 3 x 1300ma Lipo batteries, which will be conditioned using the built in battery alerts on the v4. I will post some mockup pics and actual parts printed pics while I do the finishing touches on the final design....

The Lexi 3000 Part 3

As stated in the other thread, due to large amount of media being loaded it takes too long for the page to load up. So to avoid having you guys wait, i started part 3.

Micro-six Hexapod Robot.

Here is a bot i was thinking of making while im waiting for some components for LeXI. Its a scaled down version of the SIX robot. Using micro servos and all 3D printed parts. in the pics below you will see a temp setup i rigged to test out the legs while the body was being printed. i had some issues though. @ DJ Sures hey DJ just have a quick one. i designed a micro version of SIX. im using micro servos and have connected all 12 to the ezb v3. using a 12v 9a power supply for testing. one servo moved the rest froze and then no response, had to disconnect and reconnect to get the servo to respond( only one) using the SIX script from the examples page. any idea?

Omni-control For The Lexi 3000

Im designing a case for my other Acer 8" Tablet which will be controlling LeXI when I want to be more involved in her functions. she will still have an acer tablet a3 onboard this is an extra. Got the idea after watching RealSteel. Loved the controller he had with the first blue bot. so I made this case which I am gonna print out to house my tablet plus and extra battery for additional power.

Lexi 3000 V3.0

Ok, since the main thread is too big to view at times and since the build changed completely here is a new start for the LeXI 3000 Project.

Hd-7 Desktop Robotic Arm.

Ok heres a project of mine that is being worked on along side of LeXI 3000. I wanted to have a Robotic Arm attached to my workdesk to assist in a way like the robot arm does in Iron Man. So here is the design and the actual arm before its 3d printed. Mostly 90% is the HD-7 from Lexi 3000 with a few tweaks. More to follow.

Xr-5 Robotic Companion

Just received my Omnibot and once LeXI is complete I will be starting on him. Here are some pics

Ez-robot R2d2 Telephone Conversion.

I was going through my boxes of collectibles in my basement, looking for star wars stuff for my 7 yr old son who is now hooked on Star Wars. When I was going thru the 8 boxes of stuff i came across my r2d2 telephone. Its really cool with sounds lights and head rotation and is a nice size too. I figured why no add a ez-b to him and make programmable and mobil at the same time. lord knows I don't have any phone jacks in my house to use the phone anyway. So im off to order my ez-b and this will be project # 2.

My Omni-3000 Personal Robotic Assistant.

Ok I'm ready to assemble my baby. so I will now start me showcase page. here are some pics of my progress. here you see the testing of the tablet inside the chest. wanted to see the views at all angles. want to be sure its visible all around not just dead center. Im also adding a backpack with working sequencer lights and possible moving parts. more to follow.