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Learn with The Robot Program

Learn how to build and program EZ-Robots with The Robot Program!

How To Connect Your Ez-b V4 To Your Computer(both Ways[ap And Client])

I made a few How-to videos showing people how to connect the ez-b v4 in both Ap mode, and in client mode. This first video shows how to connect for the first time in AP Mode. AP mode: The ez-b gives of its own Wi-Fi connection(hotspot) and is connected to the computer directly. AP Mode is the mode the ez-b first starts on. You have to connect to it in AP mode before you can switch to Client Mode. AP Mode: Client Mode:... [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by Cardboard Hacker

Ez-b V4 Connection Tutorial

Now I know there are video tutorials however sometimes it's cool to have a text/image based walkthrough which can be printed too. One of the first things you may want to do when you get your EZ-B V4 is to change how it connects. By default it acts as an access point which your PC or Mobile device will connect to. That's fine for some however I plan to have mine online and connected to my home network. In order to change... [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/17/2015

Created by Rich

Setting Servo speeds and Initialization Script Tutorial

This tutorial will explain what an initialization script is and how to use them in your EZ-Builder projects. Initialization scripts, sometimes referred to as "Init" scripts are used to prime controls, devices, or existing scripts within your EZ-Builder projects, and sets them ready for use. Sometimes, you may see it referred to as a "Run Once" script. In the next few steps, I will go through how to set an "Init" script up, and go through some of the main uses for this function, that includes servos speeds and setting variables. [PDF]

Last Modified on 10/16/2015

Created by Steve G

How to choose correct battery(s).

Given the wide range of actuators and electronics which go into a robot, choosing the right battery may not be an easy task. This tutorial guides you through the thought processes involved in choosing one or more batteries for your robot. [PDF]

Last Modified on 10/15/2015

Created by Ravdeep

Control More Than One Robot

How to control more than one robot in a single EZ-Builder project. This tutorial uses Revolution robots that depend on the Auto Position control, but the similar approach can be used for any robot styles. [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/4/2018

Created by ezrobot

The Robot Program Episode 009: Getting Six to Move

This lesson will demonstrate how to connect to and move the Revolution Six robot. Follow along with The Robot Program Episode 009: Getting Six to Move. At the end of this lesson, the reader will have learned how to connect to the robot using Wi-Fi, how to move the robot, how to track the default color, and how to use the Auto Position and Soundboard controls to execute movements and routines. View the video episode here: https://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/35 [PDF]

Last Modified on 5/29/2018

Created by Professor E