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Lcd Display For Ezb4 - Using Arduino Mini As Controler

Hello again, I have created an LCD Display for the EZB4. This is a very cheep and easy project. You will need 1 LCD display ( my code is set up for 2 line 16 char display) 1 Arduino ( any model will work but i recomend the Pro MINI) Oh here is the wiring . again I am using the pro mini . this is... [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by Luis Vazquez

Turn A Sure Compass Into A Bluetooth Compass

Hello gang! I had an idea this morning and put together this little project. I have a few Sure Compasses around and wanted to see ways to use them. The video is simple and explains how to use it. If you have any questions post them here and I will answer them. [PDF]

Last Modified on 10/16/2014

Created by Luis Vazquez

I2c Ezb Arduino1 Sensor

Hello all, I wail back I posted some information on using an Arduino as a I2C Sensor controller to use with the EZB3&4 I will post this in 3 stages .. Stage one.. right here right now. In this video you can see how im using the arduino to read the ultrasonic sensor . that in turn is being read by the EZB board via I2C. This is the only code needed to read the ping for the EzBuilder script [code] print(I2CRead(0, 2,6 )) [/code] The code for the... [PDF]

Last Modified on 10/9/2014

Created by Luis Vazquez

Using The Sure Dc Ss503v100 With Ezb4 From Ez-robots

Using the Sure DC SS503V100 with EZB4 from EZ-Robots Using UART Communication We will be using these pins on the Sure Compass Pin 3 (RX) on Compass to the (TX) pin on EZB4 UART Pin 4 (TX) on Compass to the (RX) pin on EZB4 UART Pin 5 (OPT) on Compass to the (3.3v) pin on EZB4 UART OPT is set HIGH by adding the 3.3v to change the device from I2C to UART communication. Pin 22 (+3.3v) on Compass to the (3.3v) pin on EZB4 UART Pin... [PDF]

Last Modified on 10/9/2014

Created by Luis Vazquez