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Balance Bot Demo Mma7455 Accelerometer

Here's a video of a balance bot concept with two wheels. [code] $n=0 $D0Pos=GetServo(D0) $D1Pos=GetServo(D1) ServoSpeed(d1,0) $posA=50 $posB=50 :Top $n=$n+1 #print("MMAX=$mmAX MMAY=$MMAY MMAZ=$MMAZ n=$n") if ($mmay`>116) $posa=$PosA+2 servo(D1,$posA) #sleep(200) $posb=$posb-2 servo(D0,$posB) #sleep(200) endif #sleep(200) release(D0) release(D1) goto(Top) [/code] Best, Bill [PDF]

Last Modified on 7/13/2013

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