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Welcome to the tutorials made by community members, just like you! With this User Tutorial section, create tutorials and share knowledge that you have learned about robotics. As you have witnessed, EZ-Robot has recognized the importance of robot education at home, classroom and workplace.

With a commitment to ensure education is shared, EZ-Robot encourages new inventions which advance our future and beyond!

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Learn with The Robot Program

Learn how to build and program EZ-Robots with The Robot Program!

Control More Than One Robot

How to control more than one robot in a single EZ-Builder project. This tutorial uses Revolution robots that depend on the Auto Position control, but the similar approach can be used for any robot styles. [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/4/2018

Created by ezrobot

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)

This tutorial demonstrates how to modify speech synthesis in real-time within your text. [PDF]

Last Modified on 6/24/2018

Created by ezrobot

How To Make An EZ-Builder Plugin

So, you have a fantastic idea for a new control in EZ-Builder? This is the tutorial which explains step by step how to create a plugin for EZ-Builder. This tutorial will help you create a simple plugin with two buttons which move a servo to get you started. [PDF]

Last Modified on 11/26/2017

Created by ezrobot

Calibrate Continuous Rotation Servo and Adjust Speed

How to calibrate the continuous rotation servos and adjust their speed. AdventureBot is used in this example. [PDF]

Last Modified on 7/12/2016

Created by ezrobot

Control Meccano Meccanoid

Connect a Meccanoid to your EZ-B by using an Arduino as the translator. [PDF]

Last Modified on 6/5/2016

Created by ezrobot

Use Arduino for Wheel Encoder Counter

Have your Arduino count motor encoder rotations. Connect the Arduino to your EZ-B UART #0 port to send the encoder counts. [PDF]

Last Modified on 5/26/2016

Created by ezrobot

Pulse Flash LED with PWM

Pulse Width Modulation is the method of having a digital port, which is only On or Off to have a varying output voltage. Use this approach to flash and LED with a pulsing effect. [PDF]

Last Modified on 1/16/2016

Created by ezrobot

Speech Recognition Say It Didn't Understand You

The speech recognition uses a confidence level to determine if it understood your verbal command. This tutorial demonstrates how to add a response to the speech recognition if it does not understand you, and asks to repeat the command. [PDF]

Last Modified on 1/13/2016

Created by ezrobot

Make Robot Talk

Demonstration how to use the Speech Synthesis Control to make your robot talk. [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/16/2015

Created by ezrobot

Mobile App Developer Tutorial

So, you've built your ez-robot and now you would like to make your own mobile app. Did you know EZ-Robot has a robot appstore? And that you can easily create your own robot apps to share with the world! [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by ezrobot

Myo Gesture Tutorial

The MYO is a creative controller for interacting with your ez-robot. It uses gestures and an accelerometer to trigger actions, events and move servos. This tutorial demonstrates how to add a Myo to your EZ-Robot. Here's a link to the manual page: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=206 [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by ezrobot

Rgb Array Tutorial

I've added a video to the 18 RGB LED Block, Humanoid Head with Camera & RGB Eyes and 18 RGB LED PCB to explain how to use them. There have been questions in the past on how to set it up for displaying graphical animation. Here's your answer :) [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by ezrobot

Detect Multiple Colors

One of the features that makes ez-robot so special is the camera that can detect faces, objects, glyphs, qr codes and multiple colors. For this tutorial, we will use the JD Humanoid. However, this process can easily be applied to any ez-robot configuration. [PDF]

Last Modified on 9/15/2015

Created by ezrobot