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Using Amazon Echo (Alexa) as microphone for EZ-Robot

Test the setup

At a minimum, you will need the Echo working, router configured and EZ-Builder running. You can connect the robot later

When you speak the trigger phrase to Echo, it will respond with a "Sending to IFTTT" verbal response. Please note that you must use the "wake word" e.g. "Alexa" and "Trigger" to get the Echo to search for the phrases.

Optional: You can change the Echo wake word from "Alexa" to "Echo" or "Computer"

Check the EZ0Builder to see that the script manager logs your verbal commands

Connect the robot now and see if the EZB responds to the commands

Optional: If you prefer a handheld remote mic, just add the $30 "Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo"

here is a video of the process

and... one other option.. you can use the Amazon Shopping app on your iPhone to send commands to IFTTT... note, no actual Amazon Echo hardware required!

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

here is the video.