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Synbot Plugin Tutorial - interface to Syn Bot Software

Step 7 bis : Working with Bot Emotions

Emotions can be configured in SIML File EMOTIONML in Settings Folder.

Setting the value of Bot Emotion :

During a bot session , Bot emotion can be set either in SIML Bot files or in EZ Builder scripts.
Variable value type is always a string type.
If the variable doesn't exit , it is created.

In SIML : [BotEmotion ID="Sad" /]
In EZ Builder Scripts :


Setbotemotion("Emotion ID")

or for using in Blockly


$Botemotion = "Emotion ID"
ControlCommand("Synbot plugin", Setbotemotion)

Getting the value of Bot Emotion :

In SIML : [BotEmotion Get="id" /]
In EZ Builder Scripts :



or for using in Blockly


ControlCommand("Synbot  plugin", Getbotemotion)

Result value is returned in $Botemotion EZB variable

Synbot plugin Configuration:

Whenever Bot Emotion value is changed , value of $Botemotion EZB variable is updated.
You can also in plugin Configuration Form specify a default init value for Bot Emotion which will be set when you start the Bot Session.
if the configured default Emotion is Empty , Bot Emotion will be saved and restore from one session to another for the same User , if the configured default Emotion is Empty.

You can also configure an EZ Builder Script which will be executed every time Bot emotion Changed.

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Framework integration:

In order to demonstrate use of Bot Emotion , framework example include some new features

A new [Verb] Show Yourself in order to be able to set Bot Emotion - which is a [free attribute]
Verb bbId and Verb AuthoId are set to "EMOTION"
Map Emotion is used to control free attribute (3rd word in content is link to the emotion ID)


[Map Name="Emotion"]
[MapItem Content="fr|triste" Value="%1M EMPTY sad" /]
[MapItem Content="en|sad" Value="%1M EMPTY sad" /]
[MapItem Content="fr|en colère" Value="%1M EMPTY angry" /]
[MapItem Content="fr|furieux" Value="%1M EMPTY angry" /]
[MapItem Content="fr|furax" Value="%1M EMPTY angry" /]
[MapItem Content="fr|en rage" Value="%1M EMPTY angry" /]

and Map Emotion_lib is used to retrieve a label corresponding to Emotion ID and language used


[Map Name="Emotion_lib"]
[MapItem Content="fr|0|sad" Value="triste" /]
[MapItem Content="en|0|sad" Value="sad" /]
[MapItem Content="fr|0|angry" Value="en colère" /]
[MapItem Content="en|0|angry" Value="angry" /]
[MapItem Content="fr|0|bored" Value="ennuyé" /]
[MapItem Content="en|0|bored" Value="bored" /]

Action for EMOTION Workflag has been created with lauching of an EZBuilder Script


[Case Value="EMOTION"][Goto xml:space="preserve"]XXXXXXXCHANGEEMOTION[/Goto][Var Set="EZscript"]Bot Emotion Change Action[/Var][/Case]

code] [Model]
[Response xml:space="preserve"]
[Var Set="Messchangedemotion"]Messchangedemotion_[User Get="Userlanguage" /][/Var]
[Var Set="emotionname"][Text WordAt="3"][User Get="Contentmapfree" /][/Text][/Var]
[!--Change Bot Emotion--]
[BotEmotion ID="{Bind Var:emotionname}" /]
[Var Set="Messchangedemotion"]Messchangedemotion_[Var Get="emotionname" /]_[User Get="Userlanguage" /][/Var]
[!--Test if a specific message exist for the bot emotion id--]
[Var Set="Emotionanswerexisting"][Random Get="{Bind Var:Messchangedemotion}" /][/Var]
[!--If not take the default message--]
[If Var="Emotionanswerexisting" Value=""]
[Var Set="Messchangedemotion"]Messchangedemotion_[User Get="Userlanguage" /][/Var]
[!--Message will be said with waiting--]
[Var Set="Mess1replace" xml:space="preserve"]¤[Random Get="{Bind Var:Messchangedemotion}" /][/Var]
Some news models have been integrated in Bot Dialogs SIML file , in order to be able to query on Bot Emotion.

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