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Synbot Plugin Tutorial - interface to Syn Bot Software

Step 3 : Install , configure and use the Synbot Plugin in EZ Builder

Download and install the Synbot plugin in EZ Builder.

Open in EZ Cloud AppStore the Project JD for SynBot

Add the plugin to your EZ Builder Project ( Project - Add - plugins - Synbot plugin)

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You can start a Bot dialog session with a specific userid.
As we will see later , contextual informations can be saved for each userid and will be restored whenever we start a new session for this userid.

But before starting the first bot session we need to go to the plugin configuration form.
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Select the Bot Directory Path - your SIML Project Folder
Select a Bot save Directory Path - where will be saved contextual informations global for the Bot and for each userid

Select your default language in the ComboBox
You can also define a Default UserID which will be used when no userid is input at the Bot session start.
Once OK , Save your configuration options (Save Button)

Other configuration parameters will be explained later.