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Synbot Plugin Tutorial - interface to Syn Bot Software

EZ Robots Commands SIML Framework - Configuration - Verb + Direct Complement

Maps directcomplement_verb is used to configure the text keywords which will be recognized in User Input messages as a [Direct complement] in an input structure [Verb]
[Direct complement]


[Map Name="directcomplement_verb"]
[MapItem Content="SING" Value="SOUNDBOARD" /]
[MapItem Content="DANCE" Value="SOUNDBOARD" /]
[MapItem Content="SOUNDBOARD" Value="SOUNDBOARD" /]

Key content is the Verb mnemonic Used.
Result is a key mnemonic M1.

Maps directcomplement_M1 allow to configure direct complement structure for a group identified by the mnemonic M1.
Below is the example for the mnemonic M1 SOUNDBOARD


 [Map Name="direct_complement_soundBoard"]
[MapItem Content="Joyeux anniversaire" Value="Happy Birthday" /]
[MapItem Content="Happy birthday" Value="% ALL" /]

Char 1 : %
Word 2 specify the Robot Type authorization mnemonic linked to Robot Type authorization Map.

Map directcomplement__soundBoard_ref allow to configure link to the Sound Board Control


 [Map Name="direct_complement_soundBoard_ref"]
[MapItem Content="1%Happy birthday" Value=" 9" /]

Key content is structured in 2 parts separated by % :
Part 1 - Robot index
Part 2 - Direct Complement mnemonic
Value is the track number in Soundboard v4 preceded by the Board number - Space if Board 0.