Custom Robot

The EZ-Robot Platform is scalable to accommodate your needs; whether you are a beginner or advanced user, we provide the tools to build your dream robot. Our product controls many third party robot platforms, or create your own robot from a plastic toy shell!

Building a Personal Robot Companion from a plastic toy is easier than you think! Do you already have an idea in mind? If so, spend the weekend with your friends, family or enjoy much needed alone time and build your very own personal robot!

Most EZ-Robot users build robots with retro robot toys from the 1980's and 1990's. The 1980's were a popular time for plastic remote control toy robots. Our community finds these toys used on eBay for great prices! Give your toys purpose - You demand more out of our robot than simple remote control ability!

Introduce your EZ-Robot Complete Kit to your robot companion and give it a unique personality!

Your innovative EZ-Robot Complete Kit includes a camera, servos, sensor, battery container and EZ-B robot brain. Easily add these items to your toy using a dremmel and hot glue gun. Now bring life to your new personal robot with our EZ-Builder Robot Control Software - it's so easy to use and does not require any programming!

We suggest a few useful tools to begin:

  • Rotory Cutting Tool (aka Dremel)
  • Small Wire Cutters
  • Ink Marker
  • Small Screwdriver Kit
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Soldering Iron