Revolution JD

RGB Eyes Not Working


If the RED Led on the EZ-B goes solid after connecting to JD (not flickering), the RGB Eyes are connected and light up when power is applied. This means there could be an issue with the RGB Display in JD's eyes.


1) Disconnect and reconnect the RGB Eyes to a different of the 3 i2c ports of the EZ-B. Simply pull the plug out and connect it to one of the three adjacent connections. Check the plug over and make sure it isn't damaged or has exposed wires, etc.. Try the JD again.

2) If option #1 doesn't work for you, there's a very slight chance that the connector inside of JD's head for the RGB Eyes may be loose. To check it, use a Philips screw driver and carefully separate JD's head and check the plug on the eyes PCB. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, that's okay - just let us know.

3) Lastly, if the RGB Eyes are damaged and no longer functioning, replacement PCB can be purchased through our store HERE.

Get Up And Running Without Eyes

Now, you want to get your robot up and running and start having fun - so here's what you can do to modify the JD project to not include the RGB Animator until you resolve the RGB Eye issue...

1) Load the JD Project from EZ-Builder
2) Locate the control titled RGB Animator and press X on it to close
3) Save that project to your local drive so you no longer need to load from the internet

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Last updated 5/18/2017

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