Revolution Roli

Roli HBridge Internal Wiring

Having Issues Making Roli Move?

Is your Roli turning opposite direction or moving backward when you press forward? If you are having issues making Roli move, this section includes information to verify the wiring harness is connected correctly to the HBridge within the Roli chassis.

Step 1

If your Roli isn't driving correctly, we need to verify that your H-Bridge is wired properly. To do this Roli's body will need to be separated. To start, unscrew the four screws illustrated above

Step 2

Separate the two halves.

Step 3

Locate the H-Bridge inside the body.

Step 4

Locate the white button on the HBridge. When the button is pressed, it will either stay down or release back up. The button should be released UP.

Step 5

Ensure your wiring matches the above picture.

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Last updated 6/12/2015

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