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In this lesson, we will introduce the screens of EZ-Builder Mobile and explain how to get up and running with demo apps for your favorite robots JD, Six and Roli. The EZ-Builder Mobile App loads iOS Apps and Andriod Apps. You can read more about the EZ-Builder Mobile App by clicking HERE.

What You Will Need

  • An iOS device, or Android device
  • Internet access
  • Access to the respective AppStore of your device


The EZ-Builder Mobile App can be found on the AppStore of your iOS or Android device. Search for "EZ-Builder" or "EZ-Robot" to find the software. Alternatively, direct links to the app download pages can be found on the HERE. Install the software according to your AppStore's instructions as you normally install new apps. You can read more about the EZ-Builder Mobile App by clicking HERE.

Main Screen

When you first load EZ-Builder Mobile, there will not be a default Robot App loaded. You will also notice the Preferences button spinning to grab your attention. This is the App telling you that it needs your credentials before you can access the EZ-Cloud. Here is a summary of the buttons and what they do...

  • Installed Robot Apps - Opens a list of your installed apps. Upon first time running EZ-Builder Mobile, there will not be any robot apps installed.

  • Browse Public EZ-Cloud - Browses the EZ-Cloud library for public robot apps. You will find apps that are made by EZ-Robot and community members, just like you!

  • Browse My EZ-Cloud - Browse your EZ-Cloud library of apps that you have made in EZ-Builder Windows PC.

  • Preferences - Configure the user credentials to access the EZ-Cloud. Use your account information.

  • Application Log - During the operation of robot apps, the errors or warning messages will be logged here. If you are having trouble with an app, this is a good place to look for debug information.

  • Wi-Fi SSID - Displays the current connected Wi-Fi network so you may tell if connected to an EZ-Robot or a Wi-Fi access point.

  • About - Opens a new menu with links to website for community forum access, assistance and entertainment.

  • Get Started - Opens the tutorial page


The preferences menu is accessed from the main screen. Here you may enter the credentials for the community. If you do not have an account, or have forgotten the password, there are tools available to you in the menu. On first time use of the EZ-Builder Mobile software, the Preferences button will rotate and be highlighted in green. This is the software's method of getting your attention to enter user credentials.

Search Public EZ-Cloud Robot Apps

When the Browse Public EZ-Cloud Apps is selected from the main screen, this menu will be presented to you. Here, you can specify details that you wish to filter for finding apps which match your criteria. Pressing the Defaults button in the top menu will change the filter options to their default values, if you get lost.

Browsing EZ-Cloud Apps

When viewing EZ-Cloud Apps for either public or private, the result page appears the same. The only difference will be the title which will read either My Apps or Public Apps... When browsing the EZ-Cloud, the details of the app may be viewed by pressing the Details button or the image. From the next screen, the app may be installed.

Installed Robot Apps

Once you have installed at least one robot app, they will be listed here. This is your locally library of robot apps that have been installed from the EZ-Cloud. Select the Details tab, or tap the robot image to access the details of the particular robot app. You may open the robot app from the details page.

Robot App Details

The details page for robot apps. This detail page is used for local, private, public and loaded robot apps. From here, you have the option to uninstall or open/install the app.

Main Screen (Robot App Loaded)

When a robot app has been Opened, the main screen will appear different. The Get Started area will have been replaced with the details of the current loaded app. Here you have the ability to Start the app, which loads the default Mobile Interface. You may also view the controls of the app, or load a servo profile from the EZ-Cloud. Servo Profiles are necessary for high resolution robots, such as JD.

Servo Profile

The Servo Profile screen is accessible when a Robot App has been loaded. The button to access this menu will be on the main screen under the current robot app details. This menu will load servo profiles from your EZ-Cloud account. The servo profiles are created in EZ-Builder Windows PC. Not all robots will require servo profiles, for example a servo profile is necessary for high resolution robots such as JD. If you have a JD robot and wish to control it from the mobile app, you will need to load a servo profile.

Robot App

Once you have loaded your Robot App, you may start it by pressing the START button on the main screen. This button will load the default interface that was specified during the creation of the app. Remember, EZ-Builder Mobile apps are created using the EZ-Builder for Windows on the PC. To exit back to the main screen, the EZ-Robot apps will have a HOME icon. Other community member apps may have different icons.

You may also scroll the interface window up to access the BACK button. There is a back button on the bottom of the interface to return to the previous menu.

Building Your Own App

Click here to learn how to make your own mobile app!

Did you know that it is possible to build your own mobile app for your robot? That's right! The EZ-Builder PC allows you to create an app with the click of a mouse. Share your app with the world by saving it to the EZ-Cloud for others to use. The control used for creating mobile interfaces is called Interface Builder and is found in EZ-Builder PC. You can read more about it by clicking HERE.

EZ-Builder is the easy and very powerful EZ-Robot software. The Windows PC version of EZ-Builder was designed for robot builders and scales between beginner to advanced programmers. The mobile version of EZ-Builder loads robot projects (apps) that were created in the Windows version of the software. The apps are loaded to the mobile device from the EZ-Cloud AppStore, which hosts both public and private apps. This means your app can be public or kept private to yourself.

Last updated 5/18/2017

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