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Fuse Replacement


Your robot's fuse protects the EZ-B from being damaged. This gives you protection from short circuits, Allowing you to safely operate your robot. This will guide you through how to replace your fuse if it has been blown.

What You Will Need

  • Your robot chassis or power base.
  • #2 Phillips Screw Driver.
  • ATM 20 amp fuse (automotive mini blade fuse).
  • Note: You can get these fuses at your favorite local hardware store.

Step 1

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The fuse is located inside your robot. You will need to separate the chassis to access it. Observe the above illustrations to better understand how your robot is assembled.

Step 2

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Remove the four screws in the bottom of the chassis.

Step 3

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Separate the two halves of the chassis.

Step 4

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Locate the fuse.

Step 5

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Pull fuse away from its holder.

Step 6

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Replace with a new fuse

Step 7

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Reassemble your robot and now you are done!


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