Revolution JD

Care for JD


With proper care of JD, he will last a very long time. The development of EZ-Robot Revolution has taken nearly 2 years, and we still have our prototype robots in operational condition. In this lesson, we will cover a few tips and pointers on caring for your JD.

Do Not Exceed Servo Limits

When moving servos, pay attention to not move it past their physical limits. Moving past the physical limits will cause the motor to burn out. This is because the servo-motor will be physically unable to move any further.

The Auto Position control is very useful, creative and powerful. It allows you to create movements, dances and animations. When creating or modifying Auto Position Frames, observe the physical limits of the servos as you create poses.

Care of Servo Programming

The servos to pay most attention to are the smaller micro servos. The micro servos are found in the gripper and JD's head. The horizontal (left and right) servo in JD's head has full range of movement. However, the vertical (up and down) servo in JD's head has limited range of movement. When JD looks up, the vertical servo lever can reach the physical limit. The Gripper servos can also reach their physical limit when closing or gripping an object too tight.

*Note: We only recommend holding spongy/soft objects with the grippers, such as foam color balls. You may obtain small spongy or soft colored balls at your nearest value/dollar store, craft/hobby store or department store. If you close the gripper too tight around a hard object, the servo motor will make a loud buzz noise, burn out and need to be replaced. We do not recommend picking up objects that strain the servos. If you burn out a servo, do not worry because they can be easily replaced with Standard Micro Servo

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Last updated 6/12/2015

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