Shell-E Innovation Kit

3-D Printing with Shell-E Innovation Kit


Download the EZ-Builder software to access the STL files for 3-D printing a robot using the Shell-E Innovation Kit, or download them below. When you load a project, the EZ-Builder software will download the required EZ-Bits and ask if you would like to view the assembly instructions. Click through the steps to find and save the EZ-Bit STL files to your computer. In this lesson, we will demonstrate how to download the software and the STL files, and how to 3-D printed the chassis components for creating a robot with the Shell-E Innovation Kit.

3-D Printing Files

CAD Source Files

These files can be used for modifying the robot design using CAD software.

What You Will Need

  • A Windows PC with an Internet connection
  • 3-D printing software
  • 3-D printer

Let's Get 3-D Printing!

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Last updated 1/15/2019

Table of Contents

8. Blockly