Revolution Six

Advanced Activities

Explore the options available to program your Six Hexapod robot using EZ-Builder. From RoboScratch to Blockly, and EZ-Script! These lessons provide information about the programming software, and how the interface works.

Lessons in this section
  1. EZ-Script
  2. Controls
  3. Getting Help About Controls
  4. Virtual Desktops
  5. Movement Panels
  6. Servo Control
  7. ControlCommand()
  8. Introduction To Servo Motors
  9. Face Detection with EZ-Script
  10. Program Robot to Dab
  11. Program Robot To Play Piano
  12. Detect Multiple Colors
  13. Create a Mobile App
  14. Control Robot From Twitter
  15. Microsoft Cognitive Emotion
  16. Microsoft Cognitive Vision
  17. Nest Thermostat
  18. MYO Gesture Armband
  19. Example Projects

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Table of Contents

1. Blockly