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RoboScratch introduces an entirely new graphical programming interface for beginners, which is also included in EZ-Builder for both Windows and Mobile. With RoboScratch, function blocks are added to the workspace to create a sketch. Specific parameters of each block, such as wait for the camera to see an object, wait for speech, or execute a movement action. Link blocks and instruct your robot to perform behaviors and complete tasks. View the activity below for more information.

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RoboScratch introduces a programming interface exclusive to EZ-Builder (Windows PC and Mobile). With RoboScratch, function blocks are added to the workspace to create a sketch. Specific para...

Last Modified on 5/13/2017

Created by EZ-Robot

Face Detection with RoboScratch

Face Detection with RoboScratch

Robot overlord DJ Sures and Professor E show you how to use RoboScratch to train a robot to recognize your face. What You Will Need JD, Six, or Roli Windows PC or Mobile with EZ-Builder i...

Last Modified on 5/31/2017

Created by EZ-Robot

Create a Scene Using RoboScratch (Big Hero Six)

Create a Scene Using RoboScratch (Big Hero Six)

Professor E demonstrates how to create a scene from one of her favorite movies, Big Hero Six, using RoboScratch. Follow along with this activity and see how you can create a scene from one of your f...

Last Modified on 9/7/2017

Created by EZ-Robot

EZ-Builder For Windows PC

EZ-Builder For Windows PC

EZ-Builder is a free Robot Control Software Package for Windows 8/8.1/10, Android and iOS. The software connects to the EZ-B v4 over a Wi-Fi connection to control your robot. EZ-Builder provides e...

Last Modified on 10/15/2017

Created by EZ-Robot

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