General - Terminal

How To Add This Control To Your Project

Step #1) Load the most recent release of EZ-Builder
Step #2) Press the Project tab from the top menu bar of EZ-Builder
Step #3) Press Add Control from the button ribbon bar of EZ-Builder
Step #4) Choose the General category tab
Step #5) Press the Terminal icon to add the control to your project


We also include two types of serial terminals in EZ-Builder. This is great for connecting and debugging serial hardware. The PC terminal will use the COM ports on your computer, and the EZB terminal will use the UART on the EZ-B.

*Note: If you wish to use the PC Terminal, remember that most hardware is TTL (not rs232). This means you will need a RS-232 to TTL USB Convertor to connect to your PC. They are plentiful on eBay.

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