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How To Add This Control To Your Project

Step #1) Load the most recent release of EZ-Builder
Step #2) Press the Project tab from the top menu bar of EZ-Builder
Step #3) Press Add Control from the button ribbon bar of EZ-Builder
Step #4) Choose the General category tab
Step #5) Press the Connection icon to add the control to your project


Use the connection control to establish connections to your EZ-B?s or other EZ-Builder instances. Connections to the EZ-B are specified as COM ports, where connections to another EZ-Builder instance are specified as IP Addresses.

TCP Server

To enable an EZ-Script TCP Server instance in EZ-Builder, use the Config button within the connection control. This will open a configure window with more options. The Script Interface checkbox will enable a TCP Server which provides clients a real-time EZ-Script interface. When checked, the server accepts remote TCP Telnet connections into the EZ-Shell. You can add the TCP Clients Control in EZ-Builder to monitor who has connected to the EZ-Builder terminal interface.

Many developers and third party software use this TCP Server feature to integrate with EZ-Builder, such as RoboRealm, EZ-Face and EZ-AI. If you are a third party developer, connecting to the EZ-Builder TCP Server is a powerful method to set variables, start/stop scripts and even obtain the video frames by combining it with the HTTP Server. There is an example in the EZ-SDK archive titled Tutorial 52 - EZ-Builder Script Interface Client which demonstrates how to connect to the TCP Server of EZ-Builder from your custom program.

Auto Load Project

The EZ-Builder.exe accepts a few parameters.

- Param 1: Path and Filename of project to load
- Param 2: Name of Script to start when project is loaded

Here is an example of loading a project on startup:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ EZ-Builder\EZ-Builder.exe" "C:\My Documents\MyFile.ezb"

Here is an example of loading a project on startup and execute a script named InitScript

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ EZ-Builder\EZ-Builder.exe" "C:\My Documents\MyFile.ezb" "InitScript"


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