Audio - Speech Settings

How To Add This Control To Your Project

Step #1) Load the most recent release of EZ-Builder
Step #2) Press the Project tab from the top menu bar of EZ-Builder
Step #3) Press Add Control from the button ribbon bar of EZ-Builder
Step #4) Choose the Audio category tab
Step #5) Press the Speech Settings icon to add the control to your project


Use this control to adjust the settings for spoken speech synthesis. This control needs to be added to configure the voice settings.

You will need to add additional voices from third party vendors to control some of these settings. Not all voices support the settings provided within this control. For example, the native Microsoft Windows SAM voice will only use the speed settings, and not the gender, etc..

There are additional languages available also. Inexpensive languages can be downloaded for your operating system from

*Note: If you are a Windows 8.1 user and having trouble with changing to 3rd party voices, consult Steve's tutorial here

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