Third Party Robots - Roomba Movement Panel

How To Add This Control To Your Project

Step #1) Load the most recent release of EZ-Builder
Step #2) Press the Project tab from the top menu bar of EZ-Builder
Step #3) Press Add Control from the button ribbon bar of EZ-Builder
Step #4) Choose the Third Party Robots category tab
Step #5) Press the Roomba Movement Panel icon to add the control to your project


Like all Movement Panels, only one can exist. In this case, this Movement Panel will connect to a Roomba by its SCP interface. Any digital port on the EZ-B Robot Controller can be connected to the Roomba. Check the tutorials on how to connect a Roomba to the EZ-B.

This control allows for a variety of speeds also.

EZ-Builder allows multiple physical EZ-B Robot Controllers to be connected at once. The Movement Controls only operate on the first board (Board 0) and port D0

The older roomba's use 57600 baud - ensure you have selected the correct baud rate in the config settings. Newer roombas use 115,200 baud. If you are unsure, try each baud rate.

Click here for wiring instructions

The old roombas conflict with the SCI datasheet for movement. We refer to the conflicting communication as "Old Protocol". Older roombas will need the Old Protocol checked. You will notice if the roomba does not go the direction you specify.

How about using an iRobot Roomba for your robot wheel base? You can attach a camera and the EZ-B to a Roomba and turn it into a lean mean cleaning security machine! Combine a USB Joystick and the HTTP Remote Server Control... Voila! A remote control security cleaning robot. That's easy!

Also, if you are confident in electronics, you can use an iRobot Roomba motherboard as an HBridge to drive your custom motors. This gives your robot the ability to self charge. By positioning the IR sensors on you robot in the same fashion as the Roomba, your robot can easily dock with the Roomba's self charging base.

Get yourself a PS2 Mouse and cut the end off but leave a 12 inches of wire. Strip the wires back and use a multimeter to probe and find the ones that I connected in the picture. You only need to connect 2 wires, Signal and GND. Attach a Servo plug to the end and connect it to the EZ-B.

In the pictures below, Signal is WHITE and Gnd is BLACK. Also notice that this is the inside of the plug. That gives you a better idea of what pins you are connecting.

PS, the PS2 connector will have a little TAB in the center, break it off with a pair of plyers because it won't fit in the roomba.

*Note Before Connecting To EZ-B:: Check the signal wire (white wire) with a volt meter and ensure you have between zero and five volts from the Roomba. If you see higher voltage, you're connected to the wrong port. If you apply too much voltage to the the EZ-B from the Roomba, you will damage the D0 port and will require a chip replacement.

Note: EZ-Robot is not a manufacturer of this third party hardware device. . Nor is ezrobot responsible for the operation of this third party device. For operational questions, it's best to consult the instruction manual for operational instructions.


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