Frequently Asked Questions

Roli not moving

There are trouble-shooting lessons for each robot in their respective tutorials & lessons. The Roli robot lessons includes a detailed procedure to help diagnose incorrect wiring connection issues. If the Roli tracks are not moving, perform these diagnostic steps:

  1. Ensure that you are using the latest Roli project included in the latest EZ-Builder installation. EZ-Builder can be downloaded here.
  2. The H-Bridge wires may not be connected correctly to the EZ-B v4. Check the cable connections to the EZ-B v4. See this tutorial lesson for more information.
  3. The wires inside the Roli chassis may be connected incorrectly to the motor or H-Bridge Motor Driver. There is a diagnostic procedure to verify correct wired connections by clicking here for the HBridge Motor Diagnostic Lesson.
  4. All EZ-Robots contain an internal fuse for electrical short protection against fire. The fuse may have been damaged by accidental wiring mishaps. The fuse may be checked by clicking here

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