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Robot not moving correctly or falling over

Incorrect, or "weird" movements with your EZ-Robot can be attributed to a few issues:

  1. Improperly oriented servos. This means the robot servos are connected backward, reverse or in the wrong place. Consult the build instructions for your robot to ensure the servo motors are in their correct place and in the proper orientation.
  2. The servos have not been calibrated or are misaligned. The bracket on each servo should be aligned from the manufacturer to be flat at 90 degrees. In chance that the servo bracket is misaligned, the robot will not have correct joint positioning. Consult the servo calibration procedure for your robot in the Learn Section.
  3. Servo wires are connected to incorrect ports on the EZ-B v4. Each servo has a wire which connects to the EZ-B v4, if the wires are connected to the wrong ports, the robot will move the incorrect joints. To correct this scenario, visit the building procedure for your robot and check the wiring.
  4. Incorrect servo profile or no servo profile loaded for the robot. Some robots, such as JD, require a servo profile to accurately align the servos for high precision movements. If a servo profile was not created, created incorrectly, or not loaded, the robot will fall over or function incorrectly. This can be resolved by visiting the Servo Profile step within the tutorial for your robot in the Learn Section.
The steps below may fix your problem.
First, make sure that your robot is built correctly. Make sure that all of the servos are oriented properly. Compare with the assembly instructions either online

JD Assembly Instructions (Online)

SIX Assembly Instructions (Online)

Roli Assembly Instructions (Online)

or in EZ-Builder in the appropriate example project. Make sure your robot looks exactly like the one in the assembly instructions.

If your robot is still moving incorrectly you need to fine tune your servos. Since not all servos are perfect out of the box, you need to create a servo fine tune profile for your robot configuration. See this tutorial on how to fine tune your servos. This tutorial may apply to all robots, not just JD.
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