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JD locking up, freezing or disconnecting

Antivirus or Firewall Software is the number one connection issue. There are many reports of connection issues with PCs running Antivirus or Firewall Software, such as AVAST, McAfee, Norton or Norton Internet Security. If your PC has Antivirus or Firewall software installed, please disable or uninstall it.

In addition to the tips provided in Robot not moving correctly, issues with JD may be due to the RGB LED eyes not being plugged in correctly or having a loose connection. Ensure that the eyes are plugged into the EZ-B v4 correctly. You can also try plugging the eyes into one of the three i2c ports.

A sign that a connection to the RGB Eyes is causing a disconnect is identifiable when the RED LED on the EZ-B v4 glows continuously and the EZ-B v4 require a power cycle before it accepts another connection. If your JD disconnects and you believe it may be the RGB Eyes, look at the EZ-B v4 and see if the RED LED is glowing.

If resetting the connector of the RGB Eyes fails to work, there is a chance that the connector inside of JD's head for the RGB Eyes may be loose. To check it, use a Philips screw driver and carefully separate JD's head and check the plug on the eyes PCB. Make sure that the wire is not squished or pinched when reassembling the head.

When JD is powered on, the RGB Eyes should initialize with their bootup sequence of blue and white. If the RGB Eyes in JD do not glow when power is switched on, they are either not connected or the cable is damaged and require replacement.

Lastly, to identify if the RGB Eyes are damaged or the cable is damaged, there is one additional diagnostic step. Disconnect the RGB Eyes from the JD's EZ-B v4 and delete the RGB animator control from the JD project. If JD runs correctly after doing so, Contact Us for support regarding a replacement cable for your RGB LED eyes.

More on the red LED topic can be found here.
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