Created on 3/12/2015 10:41:31 PM
Last Modified at 9/17/2018 11:23:12 AM

AdventureBot is an easy to assemble ez-robot built with EZ-Bits. This is the perfect robot for a beginner who wants to dabble in robotics without breaking the bank! The top mounted camera is a perfect addition for exploring ez-robot vision features and remote control spy missions.


EZ-Robot Revolution Software Apps include assembly instructions for your robot. When you load a project, the EZ-Builder software will download the required EZ-Bits and ask if you would like to view the assembly instructions. In this lesson, we will explain how the assembly instructions work and teach you to become an expert robot builder! Click here to view the software tutorial.

*Note: When connecting servos to the EZ-B, pay attention to match the colors. Just like your home theater, the BLACK wire of the servo connects to the BLACK side of the EZ-B pins. Here is a video.

Servo Orientation

Keep a close eye on the EZ-Bit's physical features so you can identify the orientation. In this example, notice the direction of the servo with recognizable features of the real physical EZ-Bit in your hand. If you connect an EZ-Bit backward, your robot will behave funny and not work as expected - but might be worth the laugh!

Step 1

Add Dodecagon Body

Step 2

Add Extension Cube

Step 3

Add Hexapod Foot

Step 4

Add Extension Cube

Step 5

Add Extension Cube

Step 6

Add Extension Cube

Step 7

Add Continuous Rotation Servo as Left Wheel
  1. Connect to Servo port D0

Step 8

Add Continuous Rotation Servo as Right Wheel
  1. Connect to Servo port D1

Step 9

Add Hexapod Dome

Step 10

Add EZ-B v4 Camera
  1. Connect Camera to Camera port