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Revolution JD   $499.99 USD
JD is a fully functional humanoid robot built with EZ-Bits. His body shape is designed to resemble a human. A humanoid design is functional for many purposes, such as interacting with human tools and environments, for experimental purposes, such as the study of bipedal locomotion, or for other purposes. This humanoid boasts 16 degrees of freedom with his 16 Heavy Duty Servos!

JD has a torso, a head, two arms, and two legs. The head of this robot contains a camera for vision tracking modes, including color, motion, glyphs, QR codes and faces. Each eye has 9 RGB LED's, which can be programmed for a variety of expressions. The included EZ-Builder Software makes it easy to create animations to customize movements.

This item has Pre-Order Status and will ship in July 2014.

Revolution Six   $449.00 USD
This Hexapod robot is a creative platform to get you started. Assembled with EZ-Bits, Six is a very customizable hexapod robot platform with 6 legs and 12 degrees of freedom. With heavy duty servo powered joints, this robot has unique dynamic movement abilities. Six's many removable EZ-Bit joints and top mounted camera enhance his interactivity with the world. Unleash your creativity and discover how versatile this hexapod robot can be.

Easily program new movements and interactions with the included EZ-Builder Software. Like all Revolution robots, Six is a great platform to customize by adding EZ-Bits using our Clip 'n' Play technology. With 12 female EZ-Clips surrounding his circular body and 1 female EZ-Clip on the dome, Six is very customizable. Simplicity inspires creativity!

This item has Pre-Order Status and will ship in July 2014.

Revolution Roli   $449.00 USD
Roli is a very customizable planetary rover styled robot platform with 13 female EZ-Bit connections for additional EZ-Bits. Much like a space exploration vehicle, this robot was designed to be a workhorse and move across different surfaces. With a 7.4v LiPo batteries powering 2 motors, this robot platform has enough torque to tackle tough terrain. The wheels and treads are also adjustable in height which modifies the ground clearance. The included EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 Camera adds impressive vision tracking capabilities.

Customize this robot with additional EZ-Bits. Add a 2 Servo Arm with Gripper or Hexapod 2 Servo Leg for custom and creative functionality.

This item has Pre-Order Status and will ship in July 2014.

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