Revolution - Robot Kits

Build robots using Clip'n'Play with vision capabilities, speech recognition and more! Explore add-on accessories, such as body parts and sensors.

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Adventure Bot

$149.99 USD

Two wheeled robot with camera and built with EZ-Bits. By using the same WiFi EZ-B v4 brain as higher cost Revolution robots, this is an affordable...

JD Humanoid

$429.99 USD

JD is a fully functional humanoid robot kit built with ez-bits and invented in Canada. This humanoid...

Six Hexapod

$399.99 USD

This hexapod robot kit is a creative robot platform invented in Canada. Assembled with ez-bits, Six is a very customizable...

Roli Rover

$399.99 USD

Roli is a very customizable planetary rover style robot kit, with 13 female ez-bit connections for additional ez-bits. Much...

Revolution Complete Kit

$1,339.99 USD
Now $999.99 (Save 25%)

The ultimate robot building experience includes more than 100 EZ-Bits to build any EZ-Robot or invent something new!

Battle Flipper

$169.99 USD

Prepare to battle! Place two or more of these battle flippers together and have them fight to the flip. Use the front servo lever to flip your opponents....

Galapagos Bot

$349.99 USD

4 Legged turtle-like robot with a camera that walks and looks like it is from the Galapagos Islands.

E.D.I. Mech Warrior

$399.99 USD

Inspired by Mech Warrior games, this two legged robot is armed with an elastic band turret.

Elastic Turret Hexapod

$459.99 USD

Load the elastic band and prepare to fire! This six legged hexapod is equipped with a dual servo powered turret that aims and fires elastic bands. ...

EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit

$179.99 USD

Build your robot or IoT project from scratch. This kit includes the powerful ez-bv4/2 WiFi robot controller, vision camera, servos, battery holder,...

EZ-B IoTiny

Starting at $24.99 USD

IoTiny is the smallest tiniest EZ-B yet! Perfectly sized to for small projects and tiny places.

EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller

Starting at $79.99 USD

The v4/2 is the next generation brain of your robot or IoT device, powering over 20,000 robots worldwide! Give your custom robot or IoT project...

EZ-B v4/2 and Camera Combo

Starting at $134.99 USD

The EZ-B v4/2 WiFi Controller and Camera combo start customizing your robot with ez-bits, or create a robot from scratch. This is the brain and...

EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade

$29.99 USD

Need faster robot communication? Experience the /2 Upgrade for your EZ-B v4.x with this latest communication module!