Spider Robot

Description: This robot was built out of a remote control spider shell. Instead of using servos for mobility, I used the spider's DC motor mechanism so the legs would still move.

The C# application has an autonomous mode. Between responses, there are random timers that give the spider a twitchy realistic attack movement.


Peripherals: 1 x Remote Control Spider Toy
1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit [Buy]
1 x sharp gp2d05 distance sensor [HVWTech]

GP2D05 Distance Sensor ADCEnum.ADC_0
Right Motor Transistor RB5
Left Motor Transistor RB4

Development Enviroment: EZ-B Bluetooth Controller Board
C# .Net EZ-B SDK (Version 2010.11.05.01)

Tools: Dremel or Equivalent Tool
Hot Glue Gun

Code: The code for this project is included in the EZ-B SDK. It was written in C# and is a Windows Form application. It also contains the web server for remote control.

The Project is titled Robot Spider in the EZ-B SDK Sample.