Description: Daleks are taking over the earth!

Are you familiar with Doctor Who? The longest running Sci-Fi TV show from Britain! Some would argue who is the Doctor's worst enemy... Is it the Cybermen? Daleks? The Master? DJ Sures is certain the answer is the Daleks! And one has invaded DJ's robot collection...

DJ Sures got hold of a Doctor Who Dalek toy and went to work. He added a HBridge motor driver, the EZ-B V3, some LED's and a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor. The EZ-Builder software was used which provides a joystick interface to remote control the robot, a voice recognition module and autonomous exploring mode with the distance sensor.


Peripherals: 1 x Dalek toy
1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit [Buy]
1 x Wireless Joystick

Development Enviroment: EZ-B Bluetooth Controller Board
EZ-Builder Software

Tools: Hot Glue Gun