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Build the robot of your dreams! These EZ-Robots have been assembled by our community into autonomous, color tracking, speech recognition smart robots. You can do it too! Simply use a glue gun and a dremel to add our camera, servos and sensors to your new friend. With the innovative EZ-Robot Complete Kit, you can finally create the robot companion of your dreams!

DJ Sures... Teaching Old Toys New Tricks

Below are robot companions personalized by our visionary roboticist, DJ Sures. He takes old toys and converts them into his robot pals using the innovative EZ-Robot Complete Kit and EZ-Builder Software.
HyperLink Snow Shovel Robot
DJ Sures builds a robot that he equips with a shovel. The robot shovels outside in the cold, while DJ stays warm inside.

HyperLink RoboPhilo
The RoboPhilo Junior is a fantastic and affordable Humanoid Platform for the EZ-Robot Complete Kit.

HyperLink RoboQuad
The WowWee RoboQuad makes for a perfectly affordable unique robot platform, with the aid of EZ-Robot.

HyperLink RoboSapien
DJ wondered if it was possible to control the WowWee RoboSapien from the EZ-B. After disecting the RoboSapien and examining the Infrared Sensor - he realized the communication protocol could be reverse engineered.

HyperLink Brookstone Rover
DJ saw the potential of the Brookstone Rover right away. Adding support into his EZ-Builder software greatly enhances this product - from a boring remote control toy, to a full-featured robot!

HyperLink AR Drone Parrot
DJ connects the AR Drone Parrot to EZ-Builder and has it chase a red ball around the room. This adds many great new features to your already awesome AR Drone Flying Robot!

HyperLink Robot Head
With an animatronic robot head, DJ created a new feature for EZ-Builder. This robot was used as a platform for the Relative Servo Tracking Camera Control option.

HyperLink Omnibot 2000
Standing 26 inches tall, the Omnibot 2000 was the latest from Tomy in their series of Omnibots. DJ got hold of a damaged one off eBay and converted it into a Personal Robot - One...

HyperLink The Real Wall-E
DJ Sures has made a few Wall-E mods in the past, but this one is sure to be unique! DJ added a camera and a vertical servo to Wall-E's head. With these new...

HyperLink Dalek
Are you familiar with Doctor Who? The longest running Sci-Fi TV show from Britain! Some would argue who is the Doctor's worst enemy... Is it the Cybermen? Daleks? The Master? DJ Sures is...

HyperLink Robot Dog Chases Ball
Are you allergic to dogs? Well DJ Sures is! So what's the next best thing? That's right, a robot dog that chases red balls.

HyperLink Cyborg Snowman
What do roboticists do when it snows? Click to find out Smile

HyperLink Scarab Creepy Robot
Some people say this is creepy... Others think he's cute. You be the judge Smile
This was a remote control toy called the Scarab. DJ has modified it to host...

HyperLink iRobot Roomba Hack
DJ modifies an iRobot Roomba to be wirelessly controlled with the EZ-B. He also adds a webcam and voice recognition! This is all done by soldering only two wires from an old PS2 Mouse or...

HyperLink Tomy Omnibot V1
This was an exciting project that DJ Sures had been planning for weeks. He purchased the Tomy Omnibot off Ebay and started hacking it within hours from the post office. He modified the robot...

HyperLink Teddy Ruxpin Robot V1
DJ Sures built this Teddy Ruxpin Robot from a toy that he purchased off Ebay. The toy was broken, so he didn't feel bad taking it apart (or cutting off his head). But,...

HyperLink Master Blaster Robot
DJ Sures named this robot Master Blaster. Don't ask us why, he still doesn't know. But he's pretty simple and is remote controlled. He has no sensors for object detection, so you can...

HyperLink Tamiya Bulldozer Robot
This is a tutorial on how to modify the Tamiya Bulldozer to be driven by Modified Servos rather than the DC motorset. The software controlling this robot is EZ-Builder.

HyperLink Voice Recognition Robot
Re-using the Cookie Monster shell to show off the EZ-B's Voice Recognition ability. This robot will respond to voice commands.

HyperLink Vision Tracking Robot
This is a test robot DJ Sures created to trial a new module that he has been working on. It tracks and follows objects by their color. This robot was sadly never given...

HyperLink Spider Robot
This robot uses two DC motors instead of Modified Servos. The ADC Distance Sensor detects objects and the autonomous mode has many random delays for a jerky spider movement.

HyperLink Cookie Monster Robot
A few years ago DJ Sures had built a Cookie Monster robot that ran on its own with 2D autonomous programming. Today DJ had removed the old circuit board and replaced it with...

HyperLink Bluetooth Wall-E
Create a Bluetooth Wall-E robot out of an old toy and remote control it from your Laptop, Phone or over the internet using a web browser.

EZ-Community Robot Companions

Are you wondering what users are doing with their EZ-Robot Complete Kit? Here are a few EZ-Community Robots - personalized by people just like you! These robots demonstrate how the EZ-Robot Platform will spark creativity to design your dream robot.

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Robotic Claw Inspired By Doombot. by Richard R
In an earlier thread Doombot had mentioned he may put a ping sensor on his robotic claw to sense and pick up objects automatically... Well, I had a moment of...

Al-7 Drone Air/land Surveillance Drone by
Ok im working on the design and parts for the air/land drone( aka AL-7 Drone). The premise will be a Quadcopter/Quadraped. Below is a 360 degree view of the concept....

J.a.r.v.i.s The Personal Assistant Bot. by Kullthulu
So i've started constructing my Robot which i've named J.A.R.V.I.S I know there are several other bots that share this name but It's using an A.I. Core that i developed... Zero-rov-r! by
Ok now working of the Zero-ROV-R. Here are the Starting renders.

My Humanoid Bot Project by Jaychadw
I have just launched a new campaign to raise funds to develop my new robotics project

Xlrobots An-dru Humanoid Biped. by
Heres our Biped Bot for the XL Series named after my youngest son Andrew. This bot is roughly 28" tall. Whats cool is that i made the body fully closed to...

Irobot Create Project. Sneak Peak by Richard R
Crap... Should read seek peek... Lol.... Haven't decided what exactly my iRobot Create project will evolve into... But I plan to go all out on this one... Right now I...

Inmoov Project by jackphillips1953
This is my InMoov Project which is a downloadable open source 3d printing project that I am working on. Robot is life sized. I am using EZ- Robot and EZ...

Doombot V1.0 by Doombot
Hello all, Been here for a while now and I thought I'd share my project with you, DoomBot V1.0. He's a big one, a little under 5 feet tall. I'm still working...

Here Is Something Different. by stonewolf
Hello everyone, I am working...

Ez-face by JustinRatliff
EZ-Face is the first in what I plan to develop into a suite of supporting application for EZ-Builder and other robotics applications. EZ-Face performs multiple face recognition. It... Xlr-6 18 X Servo Hexapod! by
Ok heres a new entry from the XL' series of Robot bodies and shells for ezb v4. First up...The XLR-6. This beast will have 6 legs which will be controlled...

My R2 D2 Video by Richard R
As promised here is a video of my "work in progress" R2 project... I am not much of a film maker so be kind... Hope you enjoy... Cheers :)

Crustybot 1.2 by thecrustychicken
CrustyBot 1.2 The CrustyBot 1.2 is made from: Jet3 mobility chair base Sabertooth 2X60 Motor Controller EZ-B 3.0 Robot Controller Sonar distance sensor Wireless Camera Ubiquiti Bullet 2 Access Point Tactic TTX650 6 channel 2.4 Ghz Remote Control...

Yet Another R2-d2. by robt1275
Ha ha ha. Yes - R2-D2. I know, it's original. Anyway, finally managed to start on my R2. This is a small scale prototype - Planning on building a full scale version...

Inmoov Project by jackphillips1953
Using EZ Robot for controller.

Power Wheels Gets A Dose Of Awesome Ezb, Makeover , Motor Mods , Camera , Real by
Hey Community , i really don't do enough fun projects. As you may notice many of my projects have a utility function. Squeegee mops, jarvis vacuums, smart marine fish...

1/2 R2d2 Scratch Build by Technopro
After watching DJ's R2D2 Video endlessly I finally broke... *Eek* I decided to make an R2D2! But after seeing how big and pricey a full sized r2 is I decided to...

Wall-e From Czech Republic by donesvarc
The first real but not main reason for Wall-E construction was that my son loves movie Wall-E and the second one was that I lost my son because of his...

Mini B by JustinRatliff
I adopted Mini B from Bret Tallent. The original project showcase is here: Http://www.Ez-Robot.Com/Community/Forum/posts.Aspx?ThreadId=2266 Here is the original build process: Http://www.Ez-Robot.Com/Community/Forum/posts.Aspx?ThreadId=938 Mini B arrived at his new home on...