EZ-Robot Revolution

EZ-Robot is the first company to successfully unite advanced robotic features, easy graphical design interface, video tutorials, reliable robot controller hardware, and now a modular platform. Until now, the challenge with robotics has been a segmentation of hardware, software and components. Revolution is the unification of robotics!

Revolution introduces a new modular robot platform which supports community creativity. This is done with a menu of Click 'n' Play robot parts called EZ-Bits. EZ-Robot is committed to continue designing EZ-Bits for you to assemble beautiful and functional robotics. To support the community's creative engagement, we have integrated a design feature which provides 3D printing and submissions of your EZ-Bit creations.

“Simplicity inspires creativity”

EZ-Robot Revolution is the result of many developments in the field of Robotics by DJ Sures. In 2010, DJ Sures was at his summer cabin where he was inspired to design a robot controller that was easy to use. From that inspiration, he successfully created the popular “EZ-Robot Brain (EZ-B)”, currently used in countless robots across more than 100 countries. Throughout the past two years, strong sales of the EZ-B to schools, hobbyists and R&D facilities funded DJ’s dream of owning a robot company.

September 2012, DJ Sures had the vision of "EZ-Robot Revolution" during the 2,500 km drive home from his summer cabin. Throughout the 2 day drive, DJ continued to architect his invention of a modular component robot platform – often stopping at the side of the road to sketch his designs.

The development of Revolution accelerated during the following winter as DJ learned SolidWorks CAD software for the modular components and purchased 3D printers for prototypes. Perfecting the components each day, the Revolution was on its way!

Present day, one year after DJ’s vision, the EZ-Robot Revolution designs have been completed. From a more powerful and smaller robot controller, to ABS plastic injection molded components, the product specifications are ready for the manufacturing facility.

“The World is Ready...”