EZ-Robot and the Myo Armband

Bring your robot companion to life with gestures and motion. The Myo armband lets you wirelessly control technology, like your EZ-Robot, touch-free.

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Take Control with EZ-Builder

EZ-Builder is the world's easiest and most powerful robot and IoT software. Combine EZ-Builder with Myo, beginner and advanced users will have robot control at their fingertips.

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Robots to Life

Myo is a gesture control armband that gives you superpowers. Developers all over the world are making projects with the Myo armband to control digital technologies, including EZ-Robots.

A Match Made in (Robot) Heaven


EZ-Robot and Myo were meant to be. The Myo armband unlocks epic new control possibilities for the EZ-Robot platform, using EZ-Builder. Get yours today.


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