Showcasing the Robot Costume Challenge

We are excited to share the results of the recent Robot Costume Challenge in our latest newsletter! Thank you for all of the creative and clever submissions.

Netherlands to Canada... Niek's internship on video!

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for one of the world’s greatest robot companies? From The Netherlands, the Work Experience program offered Niek the ability to work with EZ-Robot! What's he up to now?

Get Rolling with HDD 360 Servos!

Learn about EZ-Robot's 360 HDD servos with Professor E and special guest Jeremie. Highlights of this newsletter include the insides of the 3D printed Farscape DRD inspired robot and a recognition of Professor's E work in engineering education.

Last chance to win $500 for Halloween!

Win $500 by creating a robot costume. Take on the latest challenge for a chance to be featured on the show and win prizes. From the spooky to the silly, create a costume for your robot just in time for Halloween!

Meet the Team at EZ-Robot!

Ever wonder about the people behind the robots - like who they are, what they do, or are they even a real person?

Get Creative and Win $500!

Take on the latest challenge for a chance to be featured on the show and win prizes. From the spooky to the silly, create a costume for your robot just in time for Halloween!

Canadian Prime Minister Gets Schooled with EZ-Robot

PM Trudeau getting schooled with an EZ-Robot from Science North! Federal grants support EZ-Robots into classrooms across Canada. It's great Trudeau experienced the outcome of that funding first hand.

Meet The Humans Powering EZ-Robot

Ever wonder about the humans behind the robots - who they are, what they do, or are they real? Learn a bit about what we each do, and our thoughts on the future.

Building the Robot of Your Dreams with EZ Robot | Wharton Business Radio Highlights

Terry Doyle, Chief Operating Officer of EZ Robot, joins host Rob Coneybeer to discuss EZ Robot, the innovative platform to build your dream robots for your home, classroom, or industry prototype.

Use EZ-Bits to easily build any robot you can imagine

Learn how to customize AdventureBot to line-follow, see what community members have clipped together using EZ-Bits, and build your own robotic arm, and more.

Using EZ-Robot Products on the go!

LEARN how to make a mobile app & how to control your robot with mobile! BUILD a Darth Jader of your Own! PLAY a video of a community members prototype based on the mobile game they designed!

The Art of Robotics!

STEAM applications using EZ-Robot- see some unique examples from the community, and learn how to teach JD Humanoid to play the piano!

Who is Professor E?

Join staff reporter JD the robot as he interviews Professor E, learn more about The Robot Program, and see what's new in this week's newsletter!

The EZ-Robot Story!

Who we are currently, where we came from, and where we are going! See some never released content from the past!

EZ-Robot at ISTE 2018 Chicago!

EZ-Robot will be at ISTE 2018 in Chicago- "The Epicenter of EDTECH!" Come see us at Booth #2299 and explore STEAM learning with EZ-Robot!

The Robot Program 070 - Who is Professor E?

Join JD the Robot as he interviews Professor E from The Robot Program. Learn about who Professor E is, what she does in, and outside of, The Robot Program, and find out the answer to the question on everyone's mind - is she really a Professor?

Dance Dance Revolution Robots!

This week's newsletter is all about the dance! See some sweet robot moves and learn how to get your robot up and dancing!

Meet the Team at EZ-Robot!

Ever wonder about the people behind the robots- like who they are, what they do, or are they even a real person? Watch this video to meet the real people at EZ-Robot, and learn a bit about what we each do, and our thoughts on the future of robotics!

Newsletter: Robots in Motion- How Robots Get Around

Walk, roll, rove, scuttle...and drive? The ways robots get around.

It's Alive! Machine Learning with EZ-Robot!

Have you tried out our Microsoft Cognitive Services plug-ins? Get your robot to recognize emotions, identify images, and more! EZ-Robot Newsletter May 31, 2018

Emotion Recognition via JD Robot and Microsoft Azure

Nova makes use of JD Robot's camera by having it connect to Microsoft's Emotion API. It detects a person's face and does its best to estimate what mood they're in.

Personalize your Robot- Decorate, Mod, and Custom-build!

Make the Robot you always wanted! How to customize your robot's looks and actions, and some of our Community's best examples.

The Practical Applications of Robotics!

Kitty Toy "R2-Purr2", JD Candy-bar-tending, Panoramic Camera-bot, How to Program Movie Robot-Enactments and more! What would your robot do?

Beware of AI... Practice Safe Robot-ing

Artificial intelligence gets a bad rep sometimes. Mostly it is misunderstood. However, there are still valid concerns of how it is used.

May the 4th (Be with you)

Discover amazing DIY Star Wars robots and others built by the ez-robot community.

May the 4th (be with you)

Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E introduce Star Wars robots and discuss the use of robotics in Star Wars. Enjoy a very special May the Fourth (be with...

Beware of the robots on Friday 13th

Beware of the robots on Friday the 13th!

Teach your robot to dab... and more!

Dancing and dabbing. Robots for good, not evil. Lawnmower robots. And more!

Ricky Ma's Scarlett Johansson EZ-Robot

Ricky Ma has no formal training in robotics. He spent three years and $50,000 building a robotic Scarlett Johansson using the EZ-Robot platform.

Choosing Your EZ-Robot and Developer Kit

Professor E demonstrates the features of AdventureBot, Roli, Six and JD. Also see what is possible with the EZ-Bv4 Developer Kit.

EZ-Robot Developer Kit Unboxing by Makerhacks

EZ-Robot is a robotics platform for Windows by some smart people based out of Calgary, Canada. While EZ-Robot is a sophisticated, true robotics platform, wit...

Black Friday Robot Sale is Almost Over!

Black Friday Sale Ends November 27, 2017! Free shipping on orders over $100. Save up to 40% on robots and accessories!

Happy Halloween! *Bleep bloop*

Our robots like to dance... especially on Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Our robots REALLY like to dance, especially at Halloween!

Are Robots Safe? Help humanity... not destroy it!

While ezrobot makes developing robots easy, it's important to remember that we must be responsible and consider how the application helps humanity... not destroy it.

Mark Zuckerberg visits students building ezrobots for elderly

Kudos to Dr. Haridas Chandran, Dept. of Physical Sciences at Belfry School in Kentucky! Mark Zuckerberg visited the students to see their ezrobots, which are...

Program Robot Movements with Glyphs

Do what no other robot platform can - program your robot to track glyphs and more. Use machine vision to teach robot objects and your face... and more!

Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

EZ-Robot's JD Humanoid takes another role on stage as A.L.Ex (artificial language experiment) in this unscripted U.K. improvisation, EdFringe!

Do it like Boston Dynamics - Using Glyphs!

Professor E and the Robot Overlord DJ Sures demonstrate how glyphs are used by million dollar robots to understand their environment - and how you can try it at home, for much less! This week's article focuses on computer vision activities.

Vision Object Training and Detection Made Easy

Experience machine learning with vision object and training using your robot camera at home for free! Christopher gets his hands dirty building an EZ-Robot JD Humanoid. 9 year old Hayden built a Captain America robot. And more!!

The Robot Weekend Starts Now!

Artificial intelligence, vision & speech recognition, build a mobile app, and more. Spend the weekend with your robot using these activities, invent something and change the world!

Meet JD the Humanoid Robot!

Christopher gets his hands dirty building a JD Humanoid robot. Join Professor E on a journey into the past, present and future of robotics. What's on your robot workbench? 7 year old Nolan, 10 year Cameron show their robots. So much more!

JD Humanoid Robot

JD Humanoid from EZ-Robot is a kit for building a humanoid robot that can be controlled and programmed over WiFi. Here, Christopher Barnatt unboxes and assembles the robot.

Children building robots. Most powerful robot software. And more...

6 year old Nolan and 10 year old Cameron showcase their custom programmed EZ-Robots. Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E give an overview of the most powerful robot software, EZ-Builder. Step-by-step instructions to program your robot to greet you

Where Did Robots Come From?

Professor E provides an entertaining and educational insight into the past and future of robotics. Two artificial intelligent EZ-Robots have curious conversations. Personalize your EZ-Robot with crafts and markers. Lost in space is here!

Learn about technology using robotics!

Learn or teach technology at home or in the classroom with The Robot Program. A weekly video series that teaches building, programming, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and more!

Build Intelligent Robots with EZ-Robot and Microsoft Cognitive Services

What if a robot could tell how you are feeling? Microsoft Cognitive Services is a set of APIs and SDK services that can enable developers to easily add features that can detect emotion, identify objects and understand language understanding into their app...

Can your robot do "The Dab"?

A robot that does "The Dab"! What does your robot see using Cognitive Vision? A 5 foot tall humanoid EZ-Robot bartender. JD serving candy snacks. And a sneak peak of ALTAIR EZ:1 meeting SoftBank Pepper!

JD Humanoid Serving Candy Snacks

JD Humanoid serving candy snacks at Google HBRC to guests. Show him what candy you prefer and he scoops it into a cup!

New Robot Activity - Teach JD To Dance!

Kyra, a High School student from Canada makes humanoid JD robot! Robot Overlord DJ Sures gets his groove on. Learn to program face detection with RoboScratch and Blockly. The Altair EZ:2 is an amazing robot. And, the self balancing robot, Wilber!

Introducing Tech into the classroom with ezrobot

Host Jonathan Blackwood speaks with Mark McPherson of Advanced Inc. about his company’s initiative to bring tech into K-12 classrooms with ezrobot.

Khan Flicks meets EZ-Robot

What did Khan think about the JD humanoid robot? Face tracking demo, DIY Voltron, Autonomous Car, Perry's InMoov, an amazing R2D2 and RoboScratch introduction! This week's news letter is jam packed with ez-robotech!

New Robot Activity - JD Mobile App

The JD Humanoid can be controlled and programmed by your iOS or Android phone or tablet with RoboScratch and Blockly. This week's episode will show you how!

Advanced Education partners with EZ-Robot to bring AI-Enhanced learning to the classroom

New “Education Bundles” introduce educators to the most innovative robotics platform on the market today.

Build a ROBOT in under 10 Minutes!

Gadget Guy introduces JD from EZ-Robot. Camera, 16 servos and built in WiFi. An amazing robotics platform! You can start with his basic built in moves or program your own.

No s'mores, plenty of robots at futuristic children's camp

The thought of summer camp often conjures images of singing around a fire, outdoor games and simple crafts, but children in Calgary have the option of a more futuristic experience this summer.

ALEXA Meets ALTAIR: A Robotic Conversation

Kudos to ezrobot community member Tony (Toymaker), who's ezb powered Altair EZ:1 was featured.

New Robot Activity - Cognitive Vision

This weeks episode teaches machine learning and artificial intelligence, that you can follow along step-by-step!

Bay Area Maker Faire 2017

At Bay Area Maker Faire 2017? Visit Microsoft's booth with Archi EZ-Robot demoing cognitive emotion and vision

Microsoft Cognitive Emotion

Your robot can now tell if you're happy or sad!

Developer Kit & IoTiny Overview

Many special robot guests, including R2D2, InMoov, Dalek, Wall-e and more!

HDD Servo Overview

Robot overlord DJ Sures and Jeremie demonstrate the new and improved HDD servos released in April 2017 using a JD robot.

May the 4th (be with you)

Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E introduce Star Wars robots and discuss the use of robotics in Star Wars!

Microsoft Archi robot hack highlights

What does a retro Omnibot 2000, Microsoft, A.I. and EZ-Robot have in common? Microsoft's MACH program (Microsoft Academy College Hires)...

Jd's Adventures At Microsoft

Microsoft recently started using EZ Robot Developer kits as part of an innovation project exercise lead by the MACH Program new hires (Microsoft Academy College Hires), and has been moving in bringing ideas to life - innovating...

'maker space' encourages innovation in divided community

Entrepreneurs have their sights set on creating innovation in their community, the only thing they believe will keep their town and region viable as the economy changes.

Chatting with JD

EZ-Builder with Microsoft Cognitive plugins for vision recognition and facial emotion detection. The conversation is through the PandoraBot plugin.

The Day The Onion used EZ-Robot in a Satire Article

Exact opposite of what EZ-Robot is doing, none the less, it's cool! “What if we try this?” a small change to a robotic device that eliminates 30 percent of the U.S. Workforce...

Fast-Growth Champions: Global entrepreneurs, unsung heroes

At Fast-Growth Champions, you'll hear first-hand DJ Sures' inspiring untold stories of grit, determination, and success.

The Robot Program

Video series that teaches how to use your robot. Building, programming, speech recognition, computer vision, and more!

How DJ Sures Built EZ-Robot from the Ground Up | Make:

How DJ Sures built the EZ-Robot empire in just five years, aiming to build the world’s first complete integrated robot building platform

Six EZ-Robot Hexapod Color Tracking Red Ball

Watch this video of EZ-Robot's Six Hexapod tracking a red ball using EZ-Builder Software.

ezrobot new HDD Servo Introduction

DJ Sures introduces the new EZ-Robot HDD servos, which begin shipping in Revolution Robots and developer kits February of 2017.

50% of jobs will be replaced by technology in 20 years

Read the famous paper that explains why learning technology with EZ-Robot will prepare you for career opportunities in tomorrow's changing industry.

An ezrobot Christmas!

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Why are tech firms like EZ-Robot booming in Calgary Canada?

“It’s interesting to think about all of the different startups that came from here,” Mr. Sures notes. “They pop up one day and that’s because they’re head-down, blinders on, and they do what they do best.”

Does Learning EZ-Robots Matter To Me?

Technological advances will wipe out more jobs, broadening the base of disenfranchised, unemployable and frustrated citizens. Thankfully EZ-Robot will help you prepare!

Roli chasing his red ball on a friday night

EZ-Robot Roli color tracking his red ball from iOS or Android device

EZ-B IoTiny

IoTiny is the smallest tiniest EZ-B yet! Perfectly sized to for small projects and tiny places.

Jamie's EZ-Robot BB8 at ThunderCon

Jamie Young's EZ-Robot powered BB8 was a highlight of Northern Ontario town's local comic expo.

EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade

Need faster robot communication? Experience the /2 Upgrade for your EZ-B v4.x with this latest communication module!

R2D2 EZ-Robot with IoTiny

Hasbro toy converted into an ezrobot using the new IoTiny!

Robot Halloween Inferno!

Our robots REALLY like to dance, especially at Halloween!

MHS Robotics

Showcasing some of the highlights in robotics this semester at MHS!

Get EZ-Builder at Microsoft AppStore

Windows 10 users may now stay up to date with the latest EZ-Builder by installing from the Microsoft AppStore.

BOTZ Robots Wanted

A robot?! Or a friend? High school students produce films with an unlikely star, an underdog yet smart robot with the ability to bring people together!

Eduporium Experiment | EZ-Robot JD

I am convinced EZ-Robot JD is the most intuitive and user friendly robot available to K-12 students and educators today.

Hackster Heroes: DJ Sures sat down with EZ-Robot's DJ Sures, and here's what he had to say!

The first Windows 10 IoT Core Robot Bamboo supports Intel Joule

Microsoft today unveiled Bamboo, a robot running with Intel joule and EZ-Robot hardware/software.

Maker Spotlight: DJ Sures

The software is incredible, allowing you to customize the development environment and immediately share to a mobile device as a controller.

EZ-Robot Partners with Intel and Microsoft for IDF16

Canadian maker of robotic kits, has partnered with Intel and Microsoft to develope prototypes of their next generation robot brain based on the Intel Joule module running Windows 10 IoT Core.

EZ-Robot at Intel IDF16

Visit EZ-Robot at IDF16 August 16-18 in San Francisco to see our next generation robot technology with partners Intel and Microsoft.

Robot Tech Kids Camp

A group of summer students got a head start on their computer and technical skills with EZ-Robot.

If 'these toys suck': EZ-Robot CEO encourages kids to make their own

To hear DJ Sures talk about his childhood, you would think that Christmas was the most disappointing time in his young life.

The Nerdy Robot with EZ-Robot

"I was shown a demonstration of their JD Robot and I was hooked."

Summer camp gets technical

A dozen students are learning skills to pay the bills during a week-long innovation summer camp with robots.

Exercise With Robots

Mindful Mechanics used their EZ-Robot to get children active and exercise! What will your robot do?

Robot Scoot'n Boogie

In spirit of EZ-Robot's hometown Calgary Stampede, here's some robots enjoying the festivities!

INNOVATORS - Worlds First Robotics and Innovations Retail Store

Innovators Store is the world's first Robotics and Innovations retail store providing ezrobot products in Dubai.

Improve your robotics skills with EZ-Robot

Microsoft interview with Dennis Kambietz, recorded during Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.

Branded Magazine: The Formation

On the way to EZ-Robot headquarters...I walked into something completely different

EZ-Robot's JD Humanoid Robot Product Overview

EZ-Robot's JD Humanoid Robot Product Overview Robot Phil Website

Learning In Action With EZ-Robot

High school students glimpsed a future world when they experimented with building their own talking and dancing robots.

Calgary's robot company makes it look bleep bloop easy

EZ Robot is one of the top Canadian startups selected for mentorship program in Silicon Valley

EZ-Robot Inventor Builds A $50,000 Scarlett Johansson Robot

EZ-Robot user Ricky Ma spent over $50,000 and a year and a half to build a robot version of Scarlett Johansson.

Learning about EZRobot with @thenerdyteacher

Robotics in the classroom has been traditionally out of reach. That landscape is changing with EZ-Robot.

April Fools: Apple, Arduino & Raspberry Pi Support!

Today marks the day when EZ-Robot adds support for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Apple Computers!

Pen Stealing Robot with RoboScratch

RoboScratch makes robot programming fun and easy!

Get Started With RoboScratch

RoboScratch introduces an entirely new graphical programming interface inspired from MIT's 'Scratch'. Function blocks are added to the workspace to create a sketch.

Bimbo The Clown amusement game converted to EZ-Robot

As a side project, EZ-Robot engineers converted an antique Bimbo The Clown amusement game to be powered by the EZ-B v4 Robot Controller.

RoboScratch Introduction to Rundle Elementary

RoboScratch introduces a new way of learning to program. Drag'n'drop commands and teach your robot!

What's happening?

RoboScratch iOS and Android public release is days away! That is what's happening...


RoboScratch introduces a new way to learn to program robots without even using the keyboard!

iZombie and EZ-Robot

Watch iZombie Season 2 Episode 10 (Method Head) and see what evil Vaughn is up to with his EZ-Robot!

It's an ezrobot Christmas!

Happy Holidays from everyone at EZ-Robot and may 2016 bring you more robots! :)

EZ-Robot on Daily Planet (Fan Video)

Thanks to a fan video submission, here is a short clip of Daily Planet featuring EZ-Robot.

DJ Sures on Daily Planet (Fan Camera Rip)

DJ Sures on Discovery Channel Daily Planet recorded by a fan camera off the TV

10 Top Holiday Gifts

Whether you're having a tough time shopping for that technology lover in your life, or if technology is the love of life, we have a list of awesome gadgets you don't want to miss.

Control EZ-Robots From Your Apple Watch - Cool Wearable

EZ-Robots are wonderful tools to use to learn about programming and robotics. They can be built easily without any tools. You can control these robots from your smartphone and interact with them with your voice. As the below video shows, it is now possible to control from Apple Watch.

Using Oculus Rift with EZ-Robots - Cool Wearable

EZ-Robots are wonderful educational robots you can build and customize with EZ-bits. We have already covered how you can control these robots from your Apple Watch. As the below video shows, it is also possible to pair these robots with an Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Robot

EZ-Robot now supports Oculus Rift.

Apple Watch Robot Control

The new EZ-Robot iOS app can control all ezrobots from your Apple Watch! Even customize the buttons on the watch to perform your own actions.

Sopo robot playing Atari

Awesome! A Sopo robot playing an Atari game console from Did you know there's an EZ-Robot inside?

Robot Gift Cards Now Available!

You may now purchase EZ-Robot gift e-cards for robots and robot parts!

Cardboard Hexapod EZ-Robot

Crafty! Robotriks used cardboard to make a Hexapod Six replica. And shows how you can make one too!

New Equipment Magazine

EZ-Robot's modular JD Humanoid is a true transformer. It may look and cost as much as a holiday toy, but secretly, it's a career in disguise.

ALAN: The Robot Development Kit Kickstarter

The first modular robot kit designed to explore android and human interactions.

Servo Magazine

ALAN: Adaptive Learning Android Node powered by the EZ-B v4 and EZ-Builder Software. Read about Will's EZ-Robot Android in November 2015 edition of Servo Magazine!

Robotics in the workforce

"There's no need to hide from the fact that robots will take away jobs", says Dennis Kambeitz from EZ-Robot.

Six Hexapod Revolution Educational Gizmo

Meet the EZ-Robot Six Hexapod: an educational robot for learners and researchers. It has 6 legs and 13 EZ-bit connections. The robot has a camera to offer vision tracking. It also features speech recognition. Users have the option to control the robot fro...

EZ-Robot Roli Rover Revolution Robot Kit - Robotic Gizmos

Meet the Roli Roller: a cool robot kit with 13 female ez-bit connections, allowing you to enhance it. It is powered by 2 motors and can tackle tough terrain. Its wheel and tread heights are adjustable. The robot comes with a camera to offer vision trackin...

Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker Robot - Robotic Gizmos

Star Wars has been getting a lot of coverage in the media lately. In fact, many manufacturers have released new robots and gadgets for Star Wars fans lately. You could always build your own robot though. This video from DJ Sures shows a cute Star Wars Imp...

Controlling EZ-Robot JD Robot with Myo Armband - Robotic Gizmos

The EZ-Robot JD is one of many educational robots we covered here in the past. Playing with the robot is already fun, but if you have a Myo, you can use gestures to control your robot. As the below video shows, you can walk the robot by making finger gest...

Myo + EZ-Robot

Bring your robot companion to life with gestures and motion. The Myo armband lets you wirelessly control technology, like your EZ-Robot, touch-free. Learn mo...

Easy Robotics with Windows 10 and EZ-Robot

Today Sergiy Baydachnyy introduces us to a new cool platform for building robots. After reading his post and looking at the kit, I know what I want for Father's Day! :) EZ-Robot controller and...

Open IoT Wifi

First, I'd like to congratulate the community for the wonderful support over the last 4 years. For those who don't know. Ezrobot Inc is 4 years old this November 2015! I'm extremely proud of the community who supported my dream...

A fulfilling career through helping others build robots

Today’s guest is building a company that helps others build robots. But while robotics has been a passion of his all his life it’s not the only career path he’s followed and trust me some of them are as far from robotics as you can get.

Fan Video: Mars First Contact

In this EZ-Robot fan-made video, the Mars EZ-rover, based on the EZ-Robot JD humanoid model, with added 3D printed parts is capable of launching a Hubsan X4 Mars Flyer Drone for high speed ...

Meet EDI the 3D Printable Rubber Band Shooting Mech Warrior

It isn't even remotely a hyperbolic statement to suggest that our future will be entirely defined by robotics. Science fiction may have filled an entire generation...

Ez-Robot : Combat Roomba

Ez-robot JD is out to save the world on his trusty Doomba 530 in this excellent fan created video!

MakeFashion Spotlight: Dragon Queen with ezrobot

One of the most interesting technologies used in Dragon Queen is a mobile application can be downloaded from the EZ-Robot mobile website and installed on any mobile device. Then, when the mobile device connects to the dragon via WIFI, the mobile device can control the movements of the dragon.

Tablet Academy Robotics Festival

As part of our commitment to the curriculum, Tablet Academy runs a series of subject related events across the UK with teachers and pupils. This was using ro...

The Future of Toys? Ones Kids Program Themselves

Parents are torn. Many give in and hand over the iPads while others try to limit their kids technology usage in order to encourage them to play. But there is, however, a type of toy beginning to e...

An Easy to Animate, Six Legged Robot

It's not the article that matters - it's the wonderful user comments! Wow!

True Life Genie wants you to build a robot

so whoever told you that you can't build your own robot is terribly mistaken because this Robot Kit right here will help you every step of the way as you make your very own fully functional humanoid robot.

Easy Robotics with Windows 10 and EZ-Robot

Today Sergiy Baydachnyy introduces us to a new cool platform for building robots. After reading his post and looking at the kit, I know what I want for Father's Day now... :)

STEM connects young students with math, science

STEM Learning Lab provides young students with engaging and interactive learning experiences in science, technology, engineering and math by integrating those subjects in ways that are fun and hand...

We need to educate people...

Special thanks to Jacob Burks for filming the interview and footage at the event. For more information about EZ Robot, visit

EZ-Robot controller and Universal Windows Platform

If you already have EZ-B micro controller from EZ-Robot, there is good news for you: Universal Windows Platform SDK already available to download.

ConnectedCrib recommends ezrobot six Hexapod

There are plenty of educational robots available on the market. Not all of them are beginner-friendly though. The EZ-Robot Six Hexapod Robot is not only easy to get started with but is quite versatile. This customizable robot platform comes with 13 EZ-bit...

Brookstone Unveils Revolutionary EZ-Robot

Brookstone, a leader in the design and development of innovative technologies, intelligent systems and unique lifestyle products, announced the groundbreaking addition of JD Humanoid and Six Hexapod EZ-Robot® kits to its product lineup.

The EZ-Life... All The Robots!

Community updates, new robots and fun activities!The robot platform for r&d, experimentation and STEM education.

An Easy to Animate, Six Legged Robot

Meet Six, the hexapod from EZ-Robot. Six can balance on three legs and walk with four, which leaves the other legs free to push buttons, manipulate objects, or reach out for new footing. An camera in the head of the bot can identify QR codes, and track colors, motion, and faces.

Robot Workshop - April 26, 2015 presents Robot Building Workshop - Sunday April 26, 2015! Click here for event and ticket information.

EZ-Robot in Malaysia

We've shipped robots to over 100 countries, and now starting to receive international press. Here's 3 minute coverage of EZ-Robot in Malaysia!

EZ-Robot Building Classes

Took a Sunday to go to an EZ-Robot event. There they showed us the basic parts of the robots and how they work. Go check out there office located in Calgary,...

Capital Ideas with EZ-Robot

Highlights from "How do you turn great ideas into great products?" a Capital Ideas panel in Calgary, Alberta on March 26, 2015 featuring panelists DJ Sures

EZ-Robot Retail Display

Our retail display package has been a technical challenge and success! We wanted our 100+ retailers from around the globe to provide an interactive robot exp...

EZ-Robot featured on Touch of Modern

The popularity of EZ-Robot is hitting new heights! Being the first robot building platform to be featured on Touch of Modern - The World is ready!

Win a Six Hexapod with Connected Media

Get Connected Meda and ezrobot are giving away a Revolution Six Hexapod. All you have to do is sign up!

The classroom of the future

Robotics is taking the education system by storm, teaching kids about science, technology, engineering & math. Here are two robots you can expect in school!

Computer America Radio

DJ Sures on the 24th Anniversary Computer Radio Radio show! In this organic conversation, DJ speaks freely about ezrobot and himself.

Sopo, the ezrobot that brings you drinks - CNET

Sopo is a companion and education robot that can be used by kids, adults and the elderly. It can bring you drinks from its fridge, read you stories or keep your party pumping with a disco ball attachment.

So, we taught a robot to play the piano

This video does not need a description... It's a freakin' robot playing the piano!!!

DJ Sures at Grow 2014

DJ Sures spoke at the Grow Conference in 2014, this was someone's iPhone recording.

Six Hexapod Robot Demo

Six from EZ-Robot is a very customizable hexapod robot kit with 6 legs and 13 EZ-Bit connections. The top mounted camera provides vision learning, object tracking and more!

Servo Magazine

John Blankenship has published a fantastic article titled Mechanical Modularity in December 2014 Servo Magazine. Get it!

What would your robot do to change the world?

We asked our community how their robot would change the world. You will never believe the responses... Wow!

What Inspired DJ Sures

James Patterson asked roboticist DJ Sures about books that influenced his childhood...

EZRobot is robohub's 25 holiday gift ideas for geeks!

Easily snap together together components to configure arms, legs and more, and then program movements and interactions with the EZ-Builder software.

Holiday Robot Contest

The World's first holiday robot contest! Submit a photo or video of your robot enjoying the Holiday Season for a chance to win $200.00 in ezrobot credit!

James Patterson: Robot Breakfast

James Patterson's new book, House of Robots, features some amazing robots. Thanks to EZ-Robot, you can watch those robots come to life as they make breakfast...

Does American Idol accept robots?

If american idol accepted robots, we think JD would be a crowd favorite! What do you think?

Halloween Spooktacular Winner!

This year, we launched the first annual ezrobot Costume Spooktacular contest. With so many impressive entries, it was hard to select a winner. Everyone at ezrobot took place in the voting process - it sure wasn't easy to pick a winner! Well...

First Annual Halloween Spooktacular

To celebrate the spirit of ezrobot: Revolution's first Halloween, we are having a costume competition! The competition is open to all ages and ANY type of robot- not just ezrobots! And here's the best part...

Mommy Today Magazine

EZ Robots is coming out with a new line of robots, and they are guaranteed to offer a lot more – way more – than your usual toy robots out there.

EZ-Robot at Grow 2014

DJ Sures of EZ-Robot was asked to present EZ-Robots in Education as a featured Innovation Spotlight guest. Well received, the presentation explained how anyone using EZ-Robot can own a robot, or create their own - with no prior experience.

Amsterdamn News features EZ-Robot

The oldest Black newspaper in the country that offers the "New Black View" within local, national and international news for the Black community.

Revolution Prototype Testing

You may find this interesting... A collection of video footage from various tests throughout the 2013/2014 development of EZ-Robot Revolution.

Education Through Inspiration

3D Printing, Servo Motors, Vision Tracking, Artificial Intelligence and Programming? Robotics should be easy! After all, it is the future technology of the younger generation. This inspired EZ-Robot Inc. to create Revolution... A fun and educational produ...

Using an EZ-Robot for Time Lapse Video

What happens when you attach a GoPro to a robot? Jason, our resident camera dude created a 3D Printable GoPro attachment for our Roli Rover Robot. Roli is no...

Complex Magazine

EZ-Robot had a full page article written about our product Revolution in Complex Magazine for April/May edition 2014!

Teach Science and Math in Engaging Ways

Scientific America: EZ-Robot's Modular, programmable automatons make STEM learning fun

Your Very Own Robot Butler

The EZ-Robot platform was built with the goal of making robotics technology available to the masses.

USA Science & Engineering Festival

EZ-Robot presented their innovative robot platform at the USA Science & Engineering Festival 2014. Inspiring students and teachers to take part in the Revolution of the upcoming robotic industry.

Toy Book and EZ-Robot 3D Printing

DJ Sures was interviewed by the Toy Book regarding supporting 3D Printing in the EZ-Robot Revolution Product.

Meet The EZ-Robot Team

There's quite a few people behind the scenes at EZ-Robot to make Revolution possible. From product development, website design, branding, customer support and sales. We even have a full time video/media editor who is dedicated to simplify your EZ-...

Uncrate EZ-Robot

Made as a robotics kit for the everyman, the EZ Robot Kits make building, customizing, and programming your own robot accessible to anyone...

New York Toy Fair 2014 Documentary

The American International Toy Fair is held annually mid February in New York City's Javits Convention Center. The show is open to the toy trade only.

DJ Sures Radio Interview with Dave Kelly

Interviews with anyone from EZ-Robot, specifically DJ Sures are about robotics - go figure! However, some people wonder what the personality of these people are like.

New Modular Robots By Ez-Robot Promise To Revolutionize Robotics

Welcome to Calgary, Canada which is the operating place for Ez-Robot that has vowed to bring a revolution in robotics. They have launched a new line of robots which is a series of essentially three robots that are modular in nature.

It's All About The Robots

The booth that made me feel most like I was living in The Jetsons was EZ-Robot's booth. EZ-Robot uses 3-D printing (specifically Makerbot) to make super cool robots and parts.

EZ-Robot Is io9's Favorite Toy in New York Toy Fair 2014!

EZ-Robot has attended the New York Toy Fair 2014. EZ-Robot is representing Revolution as an educational robot platform - focusing on techsumers, schools and STEM.

EZ-Robot in Ghana? ScrapBot TV!

Ghana is a country of technological contradictions. In many schools, IT is taught in classrooms with no electricity yet mobile penetration exceeds 100%. Tech start-ups are using the challenges and opportunities as a spring board and achieving way beyond.....

Community Built EZ-Robot Duck Hexapod

At EZ-Robot, we receive fan mail, which is mostly letters and sometimes cookies! Today we received the greatest gift of all...

EZ-Robot Launches Android App

You may now control your EZ-Robot from your Android Mobile Device! This includes both EZ-B v3 and EZ-B v4 Robots!

GizMag: EZ-Robots are ready to Roll... Or Walk, or scuttle

Ez-Robot, a small company based in Calgary, Canada, has introduced its Revolution line of robots with modular parts, easy-to-use features, and snap-togeth...

Servo Magazine: One Man and an Idea

EZ-Robot Revolution is a new platform that enabled creative types and innovators to design and build robots with little or no knowledge of robot building or programming. This enables people to bypass the roadblocks of what they don't know...

TeleFonica: EZ-Robot Is The Most Futuristic Gadget of 2013

It's been a spectacular year in tech and here we highlight 7 gadgets and gizmos that the Telefonica Digital editorial team were most excited by in 2013.

Guardian: Robots Built at Home

CEO DJ Sures wants easy use and fun to be the experience of purchasers of his product. There is also a community forum for feedback. EZ-Robots are meant for home use to open a new world of creativity for all interested in tinkering.

Popular Science: Finally, A Super-Simple Modular Robotics Kit

We are in a full page of Popular Science Magazine for January 2014! There has been a lot of press coverage about our little Canadian company over the past 2 years... And it continues to feel great!

MakeZine: EZ-Robot Holiday Gift Guide 2nd year running

The Revolution line includes three complete robot platforms. Roli is a tracked rover and probably the easiest to start with. Six is a hexapod walker, a bit more advanced and very cool. JD is a bipedal robot, and is the most challenging. EZ-Robot has devel...

Robot Magazine: EZ-Robot Platform

EZ-Robot was founded in 2011 by Roboticist DJ Sures, which was created for users of all skill levels. Its goal is to unite advanced robotic features with easy graphical design interface, video tutorials, reliable robot controller hardware and an easy to u...

Mashable: EZ-Robot is 2 of 6 Futuristic Gift Ideas

Robotics is no longer a futuristic topic. There are robots that vacuum for you, robots that pour your drink (see below) and even robots that help out in times of crisis. The one robot-type missing, though, is the kind that you can customize just for you.

EZ-Robot wins Peoples Choice and Best Consumer Startup awards

Congratulations to the EZ-Robot Team for bringing home two awards tonight! Including Peoples Choice and Best Consumer Startup.

EZ-Robot Cutting the Ribbon

Global Entrepreneurship Week is being kicked off Friday, November 15th, 10 am at AcceleratorYYC with City Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra controlling an EZ-Robot to cut the ribbon!This is an interactive kick off......

EZ-B v4 & Revolution Update

The EZ-B v4 is absolutely amazing!. It has beautiful new functionality and is over-the-top compared to anything else available. EZ-Robot is reshaping what the world thinks about robotics...

EZ-Robot's New Headquarters

The EZ-Robot Office Live Video Feed and Information is now online!

Calgary Herald: Will EZ-Robot be Canada's next billion dollar company?

Such is the vision of D.J. Sures, a Calgary entrepreneur and the man behind EZ-Robot...

Venture Magazine: EZ-Robot is one of the most innovative companies

DJ Sures was tinkering with his homemade toy robot when his grandfather gave him some advice. If he could make it possible for th...

TechVibes: EZ-Robot Goes International with 15-year-old Intern

Calgary's EZ-Robot does for the personal robotic industry what Apple Computers did for personal computing. It allows anybody to build

CTV Trail Blazers EZ-Robot Mini-Documentary

This short documentary interviews DJ Sures, founder of EZ-Robot. He explains how they are setting the pace for consumer robotics. "Everyone has their own vis...

Niek's EZ-Robot Experience

From The Netherlands, the Work Experience program offered Niek the ability to work for his favorite robot company for the summer of 2013.

EZ-Robot on Calgary City TV 2013

City TV brought EZ-Robot back to see what's new at EZ-Robot. It has been a year since DJ's 2012 City TV Feature. Watch to see the evolution of EZ-Robot in a year! Amazing to see how far we've come.

EZ-Robot is Startup of the Week

The personal robotics industry made $1.6 billion in 2012 and will pull in $6.5 billion by 2017, according to ABI Research. The market has been proven by the success......

EZ-Robot on ShawTV

When someone thinks of an EZ-Robot, we don't want people to think of a toy, a corporate identity, we don't want people to think of an industrial robot. We want people to think of a creative outlet for their desire to own and build a robo...

What I Know About Building a Robot...

When this Calgary-based roboticist built his own personal Wall-E, international media, Maker Faire, and Make Magazine found out and promptly had thousands of people asking Sures how they could build their own robots. He came up with the concept for his......

Is EZ-Robot Alberta's Next Startup Gold Rush?

Looking for your next startup investment but unsure as to where you want to invest your capital? Could be that your next investment opportunity awaits you at EZ-Robot.

DJ Sures of EZ-Robot Makes Sci-fi Dreams into Realities

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own robot? A robot who would play music when you ask, dance for your entertainment and bring you a beer? It may seem like something from a futuristic science fiction movie, but those dreams are becoming realities ...

The iTV Doctor Is In! Can We Use Robots to Monitor iTV?

[itvt] is the most widely read and trusted news source on the medium of interactive multiplatform television. We provide concise, original coverage of industry developments, technologies, content projects, and the people building the business.

DJ Sures On Calgary Breakfast TV

Watch full episodes and exclusive clips from Breakfast Television Calgary online via the official City Video Portal.

DJ Sures Pecha Kucha Presentation

DJ Sures (CEO, Roboticist, and Visionary) of EZ-Robot presents at Calgary 2012 Pecha Kucha. A fantastic evening full of positive energy! Pecha Kucha is a presentation methodology in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each.

DJ Sures at Calgary Chambers of Commerce

I was invited to the Calgary Chambers of Commerce to present on EZ-Robot for Demo Camp. It was a fantastic turn out, with a great vibe!

EZ-Robot at Comic Expo 2011

The weekend of April 27, 28 and 29th is going to be packed with awesomeness! EZ-Robot will be rock'n the Calgary Comic Expo with all sorts of robot demonstrations. From flying robots to augmented reality, it's going to be a great time! Throughout ...

DJ Sures Manning Award Nomination

*Update: Sorry to say - I received a letter today informing me that EZ-Robot does not qualify as an innovation and therefore my nomination has been removed.*Original Post:I'm so excited and happy to be a nominee for the national $100,000 Manning Innov...

EZ-Robot Manufacturing Upgrades to Meet Demand for Robotics Kit

Calgary's EZ-Robot is making some waves in bringing robotics to the masses. For those wanting your own little Wall-E, go no further

Calgary's Ez-robot Augments Its Way To Reality

Calgary's EZ-Robot is making some waves in bringing robotics to the masses. For those wanting your own little Wall-E, go

EZ-Robot visits Telus Spark Science Centre

We were invited to present at Telus Spark Science Centre on March 8th 2012. I brought my Semi-Autonomous AR Drone, Augmented Reality Wall-e, Omnibot 2000 and hacked Brookstone Rover. Everyone loved being Wall-e! Wearing the glasses and seeing what Wall-e....

Making Robots Mainstream

  In this new digital world, young people now grow up playing video games and surfing the Internet instead of playing games outside; clearly play dates are changing. Canadian company EZ-Robot

DJ visits Endeavour Arts with his robots

We were asked to attend a small function at Endeavour Arts tonight. I managed to free up a bit of time and brought a few of my most recent robots. Watch the video and see a great group of people interacting with EZ-Robot. A fantastic evening

Techoid Loves EZ-Robot

bringing robotics to anyone with a little curiosity. EZ-Robot, a Canadian company is doing just that, aiming to bring robotics to the masses.

EZ-Robot secured a special spot at

We've seen some really weird and cool ideas for robots over the years, but EZ-Robot may have just secured a special spot in its customers' h...

Geeky Gadgets likes EZ-Robot

The great thing about the new EZ-Robot kit is that it can be applied to practically any toy or custom robot you like. Giving any toy you wish to modify, vision tracking, speech recognition and more

Mighty Action says YES to EZ-Robot

E-Z Robot sells kits that let you retrofit your old or new toys into a mechanical menace that is loyal only to you. Can someone say T-800?!

EZ-Robot on Maker Shed

When I first got to play with the EZ-Robot Controller I thought it was just another microcontroller. I assumed I would have to take time to learn it's programming syntax and the Bluetooth would be ...

VR-Zone Features EZ-Robot

Ez-Robot from Canada has recently released a complete Do-It-Yourself (DIY) robot kit which is suitable for anyone to assemble and manipulate via an easy-to-use software. The small but versatile kit has more sensor functions than meets the eye an...

EZ-Robot featured on Electronista

Canadian startup EZ-Robot currently offers a range of modular components that enable hobbyists to build or upgrade robots.

EZ-Robot Featured on Engadget

DJ Sures' homemade Wall-E was the beginning of his project to bring personal robotics to the masses: thanks to his company, EZ-Robot. The startup

DJ's Omnibot 2000 Featured on Hack-a-Day

[DJ Sures] just can't help himself from tinkering with robot toys built in the 80s. This time, he got his hands on an Omnibot-2000 (not to be confused with his other Omnibot hack), and updated it f...

DJ Sures' robots at The Grand by Avenue Magazine

Avenue is the premier city lifestyle magazine celebrating two of Alberta's largest cities through Avenue Calgary and Avenue Edmonton, providing the best information on issues shaping the city, homes, arts & culture, food, fashion, and travel and leisu...

DJ Sures in the Toronto Star

A Calgary-based robot builder's latest creation, a Wall-E that walks and talks like the Pixar character, has made him an Internet hit.

Meet the Maker, DJ Sures

DJ Sures Is a roboticist living in Calgary, Alberta. He is the designer of the EZ-B Robot Controller, which converts toys into interactive robots. In MAKE Volume 27, DJ wrote an introduction to th...

DJ Sures, The man who brought Wall-E to life

IF you ever want to impress a girl, offer to name a robot after her.

DJ Sures on CBS

YouTube videos of a hand-made Wall-E robot and a robot band covering the B-52's

DJ Sures featured on Gizmag

Customized WALL-E robot toy by DJ Sures

DJ's Wall-E featured on Slash Gear

Pinocchio needed a fairly godmother to become a real boy, but all Wall-E needed to become a real robot was a geek with some parts and a bit of time. A dude going by the handle DJ Sures took what ap...

DJ's Real Wall-E on Engadget

What do you get when you cross a dj with a "Canadian roboticist?" An almost true-to-fiction Wall-E, that's what. In this rendition of garbage-bot gone

I'm DJ Sures... Welcome to my workshop

Watching an animated robot is certainly amusing, but interacting with a robot is an experience! you can make interactive robots with unique personalities out of many common toys using the EZ-B Robo...

The Retroist Writes About DJ Sures

I am on a real DIY kick. Not that I am actually doing anything, but instead I am on a real DIY reading kick. What can I say, I like to dream of things I cannot possible accomplish. I have always wa...

DJ Sures featured in Make Magazine!

The first magazine devoted entirely to DIY technology projects, MAKE Magazine unites, inspires and informs a growing community of resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and garages. Coined Martha Stewart For Geeks...

DJ's Omnibot in Element UI's Maker Video

Hear the stories of the engineers and artists that make Maker Faire possible. You can find more photos, videos and updates at

DJ Sures @ Maker Faire

Hacking Toys for Robotic Control using EZ-Robot MAKE and CRAFT demo stages 05/22/11 12:32PM

Omnibot Featured on Old Robots

Tomy Omnibot known as ,The Little Fellow, is the most durable of robots. The programming is done by recording the movement commands to a regular cassette tape which can be played back at certain times by using the builtin clock

EZ-Robot is called "creepy"

Creepy robots all night long. These are some robots that inspire a mixture of fear, fascination, and “awwww, cute!”. A couple of different designs here, each of them similar only in their relative size.

Omnibot Featured On Retro Thing

Nothing says "Welcome home, Master" quite like your own robot butler offering up a half-gallon glass of cheap whiskey at the end of a long day. That, apparently, is what Tomy's marketing department had in mind for the Omnibot in the mid 1980s. S...

DJ Sures Robots featured on Discovery Channel

Today we take a look at the best apps available for smartphones.

Teddy Ruxpin on Hacked Gadgets

Many articles about hacking gadgets. Examples of extreme technology. DIY projects describing how to build electronic projects. Fun top 5 and top 10 lists.

My Tomy Omnibot Featured on Hack A Day

DJ Sures sent us his most recent hack, and it's one that is sure to please those who enjoy a good dose of 80's nostalgia. He located a Tomy Omnibot on eBay and snatched it up immediately. ...

Teddy Ruxpin Featured on Hack-A-Day

DJ Sures got his hands on a broken Teddy Ruxpin doll and decided to give it a new robotic life. You may want to ask the children to leave the room before viewing the video after the break. It sta...

Cookie Monster Robot Featured In New Scientist Magazine

Cookie monster robot created by DJ Sures

Musical Spark Plug Featured On Hack A Day

This is (video above) perhaps the most abstract way of playing sounds...ever. Yes, we've heard Hard Drive music and Obsolete technology bands, but [DJ Sures] brings us the first ever, spark plug in...

Bluetooth Wall-E Featured On World News

EZ-B Bluetooth Servo Tamiya Bulldozer Robot, Bluetooth Robot Controller (EZ-B) Initial Setup and Testing, 1983 Computer and 2012 Wall-e Robot, Nintendo Wii Controls Wall-e Robot, DJ Sures Introduces EZ-Robot, EZ-Robot Complete Kit Introduction

Cookie Monster Featured On Hack A Day

[DJ Sures], who built the autonomous Wall-E, is back with another creation. His new autonomous Cookie Monster is certainly an interesting build. He had the cookie monster plush toy already so the f...

Wall-e Featured On Hack A Day

[djsures] went crazy on his Interactive Wall-E toy. Wall-E just didn't have enough bounce in his step, so [djsures] decided to give him an overhaul. He went through the entire robot and replaced mo...