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EZ-Bits can be 3D Printed for free! Dust off your 3D Printer because now it has a purpose. Build the robot of your dreams with your 3D Printer and EZ-Robot. The time to change the world of robotics has begun... EZ-Robot's can be 3D Printed directly from our free EZ-Builder Software!

Many of you have a 3D Printer at home, school or work. Revolution is not just a new product... Revolution is a community of sharing, growing and learning. Most importantly, creating awesome robotics, easily! Revolution provides an online library of 3D printable parts (EZ-Bits), 3D EZ-Robot Designer, and an online storage of apps (EZ-Cloud). We bring it all together with our amazing robot control software (EZ-Builder).

Until now, the challenge with robotics has been a segmentation of hardware, software and components. EZ-Robot is the first company to successfully unite advanced robotic features, easy graphical design interface, video tutorials, reliable robot controller hardware, and now a modular platform. Revolution is the unification of robotics!

Revolution introduces a new flexible modular platform while maintaining and supporting community creativity. This is done through a new EZ-Cloud library of 3D printable robot parts called EZ-Bits. EZ-Robot is committed to continue designing modular EZ-Bits for you to assemble beautiful and functional robotics. To support the community's creative engagement, we have integrated a 3D design feature which enables you to submit your own EZ-Bit creations.

With the support of our strong community, we will grow our library of 3D printable EZ-Bits for the world to share! Imagine the impact this moderated collection of compatible 3D printable robot parts will have on education, industry prototyping, and hobbyists.

The world is ready...