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Bay Area Maker Faire 2017

At Bay Area Maker Faire 2017? Visit Microsoft's booth with Archi EZ-Robot demoing cognitive emotion and vision

Microsoft Cognitive Emotion

Your robot can now tell if you're happy or sad!

Developer Kit & IoTiny Overview

Many special robot guests, including R2D2, InMoov, Dalek, Wall-e and more!

HDD Servo Overview

Robot overlord DJ Sures and Jeremie demonstrate the new and improved HDD servos released in April 2017 using a JD robot.

May the 4th (be with you)

Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E introduce Star Wars robots and discuss the use of robotics in Star Wars!

Microsoft Archi robot hack highlights

What does a retro Omnibot 2000, Microsoft, A.I. and EZ-Robot have in common? Microsoft's MACH program (Microsoft Academy College Hires)...

Jd's Adventures At Microsoft

Microsoft recently started using EZ Robot Developer kits as part of an innovation project exercise lead by the MACH Program new hires (Microsoft Academy College Hires), and has been moving in bringing ideas to life - innovating...

'maker space' encourages innovation in divided community

Entrepreneurs have their sights set on creating innovation in their community, the only thing they believe will keep their town and region viable as the economy changes.

Chatting with JD

EZ-Builder with Microsoft Cognitive plugins for vision recognition and facial emotion detection. The conversation is through the PandoraBot plugin.

The Day The Onion used EZ-Robot in a Satire Article

Exact opposite of what EZ-Robot is doing, none the less, it's cool! “What if we try this?” a small change to a robotic device that eliminates 30 percent of the U.S. Workforce...

Fast-Growth Champions: Global entrepreneurs, unsung heroes

At Fast-Growth Champions, you'll hear first-hand DJ Sures' inspiring untold stories of grit, determination, and success.

The Robot Program

Video series that teaches how to use your robot. Building, programming, speech recognition, computer vision, and more!

How DJ Sures Built EZ-Robot from the Ground Up | Make:

How DJ Sures built the EZ-Robot empire in just five years, aiming to build the world’s first complete integrated robot building platform

Six EZ-Robot Hexapod Color Tracking Red Ball

Watch this video of EZ-Robot's Six Hexapod tracking a red ball using EZ-Builder Software.

ezrobot new HDD Servo Introduction

DJ Sures introduces the new EZ-Robot HDD servos, which begin shipping in Revolution Robots and developer kits February of 2017.

50% of jobs will be replaced by technology in 20 years

Read the famous paper that explains why learning technology with EZ-Robot will prepare you for career opportunities in tomorrow's changing industry.

An ezrobot Christmas!

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Why are tech firms like EZ-Robot booming in Calgary Canada?

“It’s interesting to think about all of the different startups that came from here,” Mr. Sures notes. “They pop up one day and that’s because they’re head-down, blinders on, and they do what they do best.”