EZ-Robot News

Introducing Tech into the classroom with ezrobot

1 day ago

Host Jonathan Blackwood speaks with Mark McPherson of Advanced Inc. about his company’s initiative to bring tech into K-12 classrooms with ezrobot.

Khan Flicks meets EZ-Robot

3 days ago

What did Khan think about the JD humanoid robot? Face tracking demo, DIY Voltron, Autonomous Car, Perry's InMoov, an amazing R2D2 and RoboScratch introduction! This week's news letter is jam packed with ez-robotech!

New Robot Activity - JD Mobile App

2 weeks ago

The JD Humanoid can be controlled and programmed by your iOS or Android phone or tablet with RoboScratch and Blockly. This week's episode will show you how!

Advanced Education partners with EZ-Robot to bring AI-Enhanced learning to the classroom

3 weeks ago

New “Education Bundles” introduce educators to the most innovative robotics platform on the market today.

Build a ROBOT in under 10 Minutes!

3 weeks ago

Gadget Guy introduces JD from EZ-Robot. Camera, 16 servos and built in WiFi. An amazing robotics platform! You can start with his basic built in moves or program your own.

No s'mores, plenty of robots at futuristic children's camp

4 weeks ago

The thought of summer camp often conjures images of singing around a fire, outdoor games and simple crafts, but children in Calgary have the option of a more futuristic experience this summer.

ALEXA Meets ALTAIR: A Robotic Conversation

4 weeks ago

Kudos to ezrobot community member Tony (Toymaker), who's ezb powered Altair EZ:1 was featured.

New Robot Activity - Cognitive Vision

1 month ago

This weeks episode teaches machine learning and artificial intelligence, that you can follow along step-by-step!

Bay Area Maker Faire 2017

1 month ago

At Bay Area Maker Faire 2017? Visit Microsoft's booth with Archi EZ-Robot demoing cognitive emotion and vision

Microsoft Cognitive Emotion

1 month ago

Your robot can now tell if you're happy or sad!

Developer Kit & IoTiny Overview

1 month ago

Many special robot guests, including R2D2, InMoov, Dalek, Wall-e and more!

HDD Servo Overview

1 month ago

Robot overlord DJ Sures and Jeremie demonstrate the new and improved HDD servos released in April 2017 using a JD robot.

May the 4th (be with you)

1 month ago

Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E introduce Star Wars robots and discuss the use of robotics in Star Wars!

Microsoft Archi robot hack highlights

2 months ago

What does a retro Omnibot 2000, Microsoft, A.I. and EZ-Robot have in common? Microsoft's MACH program (Microsoft Academy College Hires)...

Jd's Adventures At Microsoft

2 months ago

Microsoft recently started using EZ Robot Developer kits as part of an innovation project exercise lead by the MACH Program new hires (Microsoft Academy College Hires), and has been moving in bringing ideas to life - innovating...

'maker space' encourages innovation in divided community

3 months ago

Entrepreneurs have their sights set on creating innovation in their community, the only thing they believe will keep their town and region viable as the economy changes.

Chatting with JD

4 months ago

EZ-Builder with Microsoft Cognitive plugins for vision recognition and facial emotion detection. The conversation is through the PandoraBot plugin.

The Day The Onion used EZ-Robot in a Satire Article

4 months ago

Exact opposite of what EZ-Robot is doing, none the less, it's cool! “What if we try this?” a small change to a robotic device that eliminates 30 percent of the U.S. Workforce...