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The Robot Program

Video series that teaches how to use your robot. Building, programming, speech recognition, computer vision, and more!

How DJ Sures Built EZ-Robot from the Ground Up | Make:

How DJ Sures built the EZ-Robot empire in just five years, aiming to build the world’s first complete integrated robot building platform

Six EZ-Robot Hexapod Color Tracking Red Ball

Watch this video of EZ-Robot's Six Hexapod tracking a red ball using EZ-Builder Software.

ezrobot new HDD Servo Introduction

DJ Sures introduces the new EZ-Robot HDD servos, which begin shipping in Revolution Robots and developer kits February of 2017.

50% of jobs will be replaced by technology in 20 years

Read the famous paper that explains why learning technology with EZ-Robot will prepare you for career opportunities in tomorrow's changing industry.

An ezrobot Christmas!

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Why are tech firms like EZ-Robot booming in Calgary Canada?

“It’s interesting to think about all of the different startups that came from here,” Mr. Sures notes. “They pop up one day and that’s because they’re head-down, blinders on, and they do what they do best.”

Does Learning EZ-Robots Matter To Me?

Technological advances will wipe out more jobs, broadening the base of disenfranchised, unemployable and frustrated citizens. Thankfully EZ-Robot will help you prepare!

Roli chasing his red ball on a friday night

EZ-Robot Roli color tracking his red ball from iOS or Android device

EZ-B IoTiny

IoTiny is the smallest tiniest EZ-B yet! Perfectly sized to for small projects and tiny places.

Jamie's EZ-Robot BB8 at ThunderCon

Jamie Young's EZ-Robot powered BB8 was a highlight of Northern Ontario town's local comic expo.

EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade

Need faster robot communication? Experience the /2 Upgrade for your EZ-B v4.x with this latest communication module!

R2D2 EZ-Robot with IoTiny

Hasbro toy converted into an ezrobot using the new IoTiny!

Robot Halloween Inferno!

Our robots REALLY like to dance, especially at Halloween!

MHS Robotics

Showcasing some of the highlights in robotics this semester at MHS!

Get EZ-Builder at Microsoft AppStore

Windows 10 users may now stay up to date with the latest EZ-Builder by installing from the Microsoft AppStore.

BOTZ Robots Wanted

A robot?! Or a friend? High school students produce films with an unlikely star, an underdog yet smart robot with the ability to bring people together!

Eduporium Experiment | EZ-Robot JD

I am convinced EZ-Robot JD is the most intuitive and user friendly robot available to K-12 students and educators today.