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Wavefront Navigation

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This plugin is version 0, was last modified on 11/21/2016, and is 11,776 Bytes. The author is rz90208.


This plugin requires EZ-Builder for Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plugin Details

Wavefront Navigation plugin:
Define an Array called $MyMap, Assign your goal location in the array a value of 1, assign your robot position in the array a value of 254, all walls and obstacles are assigned 255, open space is assigned 0. Call the wavefront plugin.

The plugin returns an array $MyRoute, showing the best route. "G" indicating the Goal, "R" indicating the Robot and "_" indicating the route.
My plan is to the use Sonar to check ahead and if an obstacle is detected, add it to the map update the robot position and resubmit the map to the plugin and move on.
I am still working on the encoders, and how to get my initial robot position.