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SMTP Client

Allows your robot to send email or camera images using SMTP.

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This plugin is version 4, was last modified on 1/31/2018, and is 21,842 Bytes. The author is ezrobot.


This plugin requires EZ-Builder for Microsoft Windows PC.

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Plugin Details

Send emails using SMTP from your robot using ControlCommand() Syntax. You must first configure the settings in the config menu of this control. The SMTP Server, username, etc. must be completed. Check with your smtp server host the correct settings.

*Note: This plugin will save the email username/password in the project for convenience. If you distribute your project, beware that the email credentials will also be included.

Example code
Use this example code to send a text message. Check the Cheat Sheet when editing your ez-script for the syntax.


ControlCommand("SMTP Client", Send, "", "Mr Recipient", "This is the subject", "This is a test message")

Example code with image from camera
Use this example code to send a text message with an image from the camera. Check the Cheat Sheet when editing your ez-script for the syntax. The name of the camera control must be specified in this command. Specifying the camera control name is where the plugin will get the image from.


ControlCommand("SMTP Client", SendImage, "Camera", "", "Bob Smith", "This is the subject", "This is the message body")

Example Configuration:
User-inserted image

If you are using Gmail or a third party smtp server, the Username Authentication and From Email Address usually must match. Remember, the FROM EMAIL usually must actually exist for third party services, otherwise your message may not be accepted because it will be considered spam. If you want your robot to send email on a public service as its own identity, you must create an account for it.

Gmail requires pop/smtp access enabled for SMTP servers in the google gmail settings. (Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP)

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