Below are three methods to interface with your robot; the graphical EZ-Builder Robot Control Software, mobile application, or the more advanced EZ-SDK Programmers Library. Our passion is providing the tools to help build your dream robot. Not only are we creators of the powerful EZ-B Bluetooth Robot Controller, we also support our hardware with innovative control software solutions. By providing both a graphical control environment and a custom SDK, we encompass both beginners and advanced users. Choose a development environment below…

Imagine your life with a custom robot companion! The EZ-Robot Developers Kit is a one-of-a-kind innovative product that combines all aspects of robotics into an easy-to-use powerful platform. The hardware is well documented to support a combination of servos/sensors and various add-ons. The forever evolving software is tutorial driven with a graphical interface to scale between beginner and advance users. Imagine the amazing experience of having a robot with vision tracking, speech recognition, mobile device support, unique personality, and more!

a) For Non-Programmers

For Non-Programmers. EZ-Builder Graphical Interface
EZ-Builder for Windows

Introducing EZ-Builder! The world’s only complete robot control software package designed exclusively for the EZ-Robot Complete Kit. Scalable for both beginner and advanced users, this software introduces amazing features that will bring your robot companion to life!

With community feedback, we are committed to maintain ongoing development and implement new features. As an EZ-Robot user, you will receive a lifetime of free software updates to continue growing your personalized robot companion.
EZ-Builder Version 2014.04.06.00
[Download] [Release Notes] [Manual]
* Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8

b) For Mobile

For Mobile Devices
EZ-Builder Mobile

Control your robot from an Android or iOS mobile device, phone or tablet. EZ-Builder Mobile is the world's most versatile and powerful Mobile Robot Application that fits in your pocket. The mobile version of EZ-builder loads any project that has been created with EZ-Builder for Windows and has been saved to the EZ-Cloud.

With community contributed apps, the robot app library continues to grow. You can create custom robot apps with EZ-Builder for Windows' drag and drop interface - without even touching the keyboard!
Android Version 2014.03.29.00
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* Requires Android 4.0.0 or higher

c) For Programmers

For Robot Programmers. SDK Robot Library DLL
EZ-SDK (C#, C++, VB)

Our powerful Open EZ-SDK Robot Library uses C#, Visual Basic or C++ to control physical hardware for robotics. Your custom program will communicate with the EZ-B Robot Controller over a wireless connection from your Laptop or PC. The SDK exposes every powerful method that our graphical EZ-Builder application is built with.

Includes speech recognition, servo control, digital I/O, ADC input, visual processing, joystick/wiimote input devices, tcp server, and much more! The download includes dozens of code examples to start right away.
EZ-SDK Version 2014.01.21.00
[Download] [Release Notes] [Manual]
* Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8

Speech Recognition
Use your voice to command your robot. Add custom phrases and actions to create an unique personality.
Remote Control with Joystick, Wii, and more
Remote Control your robot by choosing one of our many supported devices.
Easy configuration for each control
Graphical configuration menus provide easy customization of your robots behaviour.

Supports AR Drone, Brookstone Rover, iRobot Roomba, and more!
Extend the power of many commercial robot platforms with our software.
Control robot with mobile phone
Mobile Device support to control your robot from your phone or tablet.
Vision Tracking Robots
Powerful vision tracking for face, color, motion and glyph recognition.

Autonomous robots
Combine our smart avoidance controls to give your robot autonomous compatibilities.
Robot Servos
We provide creative uses for servos to easily control robot heads, arms and more.
Save your robot files to the cloud
Save your robot files to our cloud server as backup, or share with others.

Touch Tablet Robot Support
Touch tablet support to command robots with your finger tips.
Robot Digital and Analog ports
Easy access to read and write analog and digital ports.

  • Easy to Use GUI Interface - No Programming Required
  • Vision Tracking - Facial, Color, Motion, and Glyph
  • Movement Controls - Servos, Roomba, Motors and More
  • Joystick Control
  • Speech Recognition
  • HTTP Web Server (Remote iPhone/Android/PC Control)
  • AR Drone Parrot Support
  • Shares Files Online with EZ-Cloud
  • Autonomous Self-Navigation
  • Customizable EZ-Script, C# or Visual Basic
  • Visual Glyph Programmable Detection
  • Wii Remote Control
  • Brookstone Rover Support
  • Free Updates Often with New Features
  • Twitter Command Integration
  • And More!

Many more features. Try it today!