3D Printable Design Files


Every EZ-Bit from Revolution Robots are 3D Printable. We also allow community members with CAD experience to create and share their own EZ-Bits. If you design an EZ-Bit, you may upload it to our EZ-Cloud Library within the EZ-Builder software. The Bit Builder designer allows you to create an assembly of STL files into a 3D Printable EZ-Bit. On this page, we list resources for CAD Designers to create their own EZ-Bits.

EZ-B v4 Dimensions

This dimension template will come in handy if you are mounting the EZ-B to a surface within your robot. Or, perhaps you need to verify if there is enough room in your robot for the EZ-B.

EZ-Robot Heavy Duty Servos

The EZ-Robot Servos sizes are documented here. These dimensions can be used to prepare your robot for the servos before your kit arrives. There are STL Templates listed below for the Bottom, Body and Top of the Servo.

Servo Bottom.STL, Servo Body.STL, Servo Top.STL

Male EZ-Clip

[download STL]

Female EZ-Clip

[download STL]