Humanoid Head with Camera

Created By: EZ Robot on 5/23/2014

Add a Humanoid Head to your EZ-Robot so it can recognize its surrounding and display emotions. Includes a built in 640x480 resolution camera for vision tracking with the EZ-Builder software. The eyes include 18 RGB LEDs to display expressions in thousands of custom colors. The two metal gear mini servos operate the neck movements in horizontal and vertical directions. The bottom of the vertical servo includes a male Clip'n'Play connection which connects to any other robot as an accessory.

Female Humanoid Head witih Camera

Created By: Anthony on 10/4/2014

Girls! Hey you have a girl playing with the robots but non of the Revolution bots are geared towards girls. So i got to thinking, why not make a female version of JD. Meet JD's lil'Sis KD! Author:

NAO Head

Created By: AdolphSmith on 9/30/2015

I am inspired by the JD Robot on thingiverse. I really want a Nao Robot so badly, but do not have money for one. Now I mix Robots and try to build a small one look alike for JD. This robot head will attach to your JD robot. More information here:

Jason Friday 13th Face Mask

Created By: JustinRatliff on 5/13/2016

Since it is Friday the 13th, (ch ch ch ch, ah ah ah) I made JD a mask to go over the standard face with an elastic band.

Six BB-8 Six Hexapod Body Cover

Created By: JustinRatliff on 5/14/2016

This BB-8 Hexapod body coverts your six into a hexapod BB-8. Combine this with the BB-8 head as well.

Bb-8 Head

Created By: JustinRatliff on 5/13/2016

I'm on a Star Wars kick, I made a BB-8 head for EZ-Robots with a male ez-bit clip. This looks extra neat on a Six robot.