Iotiny Recon 6.0 Rovers , Educational Robots


Hello everyone, I am sharing this as I will take lots of pics of the tear down of this guy. On ebay I came buy 7 working units and I thought they might be good donors robots to put a IOTINY board in and a camera in for educational purposes. When it comes to kids and even high school age it makes me nervous to let them really have control at the risk of damaging a project I have worked a long time on so instead I will demonstrate projects I have done ,but the "hands on" robotics missions will have more durable and less invested units.

I have 6 that came basically new looking and 1 looks like it has been around smoke with the heavy yellowing. I will probably make that one the guinea pig. I shall name him Glenn because he is taking one for the team !

( Too soon... ? )

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I bought mine used to save money but You could buy one from barnes and noble for 38 dollars shipped


Here is a video showing it in action, it is not very fast and the options for programming are limited, so I think EZ robot could spruce up these little guys!
here is a DADDOES video of how it works, it is very tedious for kids, so additional features would be a plus !


Poor Glenn, *eek* *tired*


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I will follow in your foot steps. I look forward to your posts. Your build details are always great to see.

It looks like a fun build.



Looks interesting. I look forward to your posts

BTW, also available new and used on Amazon


Hi Josh,

Will you be showing the teardown of "Glenn"? I am curious as to what is inside.

I also will want to EZ-ize one when I get it.


P.S will you be using your old navigation script to run him/it?


Hi Android, yes I will show pictures. It doesn't have a ton if room, but really there is enough for everything you would want once the original controller board is removed.

As far as navigation, the entire project will be costum with the intention of using it for education.


Sounds good.


Initial teardown, more specific pics will come but these are the basics.

1st point! The tracks have a billion (maybe 12) screws to remove and 6 on each side are hidden under cleverly placed plugs that look like rivets. The only way I found to remove them was with a utility knife blade, the sharp edges can grab the top of the rivet.

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Side view once the track is removed , very clean and there is only one gear that meshes with the drive pulley.

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The gray section of the body has an upper and lower half. The lower has a battery compartment for 3 C cell batteries and a sunken pocket for the brain.

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Well this is the inside of Glenns Eye socket, its all popped out. There is a fairly large speaker in the eye stalk. I think that this could be a good place to mount a light ring and a EZ camera.
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