Droid In Progress


I'm not talking about the iPhone clone (haha)
Here's R0-F6, my love letter to the SW universe. R0 is the dome style, using an R7 body scheme, and custom details designed by me. The "F6" designation, "f" is the sixth letter in the alphabet, so "F6" is short for "order 66" when the emperor ordered all Jedi be exterminated. I support that since I hate Jedi scum.

As you can see, he's a long way from completion, but he's gonna be simple, well in EZ robot standards anyway. 2 motors to drive, 1 motor for the dome, 2 servos to drive the holoprojector eye, and a few blinking lights. All mobile app controlled. He's gonna be mostly black, and I designed all the droid sounds using the BeeBot app.

Paint wise, he's gonna be mostly flat black and silver, plus some metallic anodized red in some details.

Enjoy and hope you like it. Smile
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Lol, he kind of looks like big helmet from space balls Grin


Haha thanks, I love Spaceballs!


Looks sweet! I've always wanted to make my own droid, but don't have the time or resources!


Plans are from the R2 builders club...it's pretty easy to build. Just a lot of sanding and smoothing bondo for me takes a while, because I'm lazy


Another mind blower Doom!


Really? Thanks man! It's a long way from done, still a lot of sanding, primer, then paint to go... Smile


My mantra:

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Ya, it's the little guy's that you gotta keep your eyes on. They'll get you every time.


@doom, I love the poster, maybe on you next droid, Grin. That world be hilarious, BTY where did you get that poster