"archetype" Finally Complete


Well it's never really complete right?

Here's my first (whew!) fully working droid, "Archetype". As you can see its somewhat EZbit "friendly" so room for expansion is possible.

I hope you all like my style...back to the old way of doing things, without 3D printers. Having said that, I have to credit Richard R for the ezbits.

Enjoy, and comments and suggestions are appreciated!

As of right now, I can't use everything at the same time, since it causes the ezb to brown out. I have also done the super cap fix, although it helps, I still only have a 2 amp voltage regulator running everything. That's only temporary of course. Once I get a higher amp battery I'll post some videos.
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That's one scary looking robot, very nicely done. can't wait to see it in action


Thanks! Why scary though? Haha


@doom, man... you did it again - i really dig that guy. Like the pic of him looking down.

Those elbow servos - if you cut slits in the back of the white L bracket, it will vent heat when it's lifting heavier weight to last longer. We find that a custom build with those servos, jeremie cuts slits in with a dremel so they don't get as hot when holding heavy stuff.


Thanks man! I gotta say these servos are so awesome, and I've tried SO many of them.

I'll try your suggestion-but yes I just don't have enough amps on my voltage regulator.


Great to see ya Doom! Love the bot. I really look forward to the video. You're an amazing artisan and builder. I've loved your work for years. Smile


User-inserted image

She's about 22" high


Thanks so much my brotha! Nice to be back!


Geez Dude! Your robots are works of art! Please share some of the build details and maybe some tips on how other can kick their robot's appear up a notch like yours! Smile Smile Smile


@doombot, Lol I thought it was a full-size robot now is not so scary. I love the mask well the whole robot! You are definitely an Artist.