Ez-robot At Telus Spark


We were invited to present at Telus Spark Science Centre on March 8th 2012. I brought my Semi-Autonomous AR Drone, Augmented Reality Wall-e, Omnibot 2000 and hacked Brookstone Rover.

Everyone loved being Wall-e! Wearing the glasses and seeing what Wall-e sees was exciting!

More photos of the event can be viewed on our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/EZRobotInc

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Wouu!!... Amazing!... good job! I am waiting the new EZ-Builder! Smile


that's Great DJ ! I can't thank you enough for all us learning more about robotics . You have made it very easy to get started. Smile J.W.


I wonder if dj will ever make omnibot 2000 better more sensors and stuff.