New Ez-robot Humanoid On Development


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too long i not posted, and now i have idea to making a humanoid robot more freedom movement using 21 servo on the planing design. it just beginning, current progress i has to complete the upper body, and I have to wait a bit to work on parts of the feet because it requires 10 servo, but I ran out of the servo, hope to get it soon and finish the robot. Smile


@Eric. ... good to see you back.... this sounds awesome. Can't wait to see what you come up with. .... Smile


Very nice work indeed ! Hope you get your 10 leg servos quickly.


super fantastic


Terrific projects. Where did the head come from?


Hallo All ,
@Richard R ... Yea a little busy at some time this last.
@Robot Doc I hope so, I can't wait for programming movements
@nomad Thankyou Smile
@rb550f I get head from Nightlight case
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Nice job, well done. Witch program did you use for the simulation?


any link from nightlight


Hi @Digieddy i using 3ds Max for design the robot
@Nomad i did't find a link on the product.. the product name is Luby L-5203 is a cheaper night light


thank you ericez